I recently had a birthday.
It was lame.  (Understatement).
Which was a bit of a disappointment, because I love birthdays and
months ago I decided to turn up the
 burn as far as self maintenance goes…
I’ve been really calculating and working on my wardrobe, working out 6 days a week, really working hard on my skin, trying new up-do’s with the mop…
I just wanted to feel great on my birthday 
and this year for that matter.

Getting older is a bit alarming when you stop to think about it.

But alarming.

Thankfully getting older teaches us many things.
One thing I am grateful to have, in many ways, learned
is to not compare myself to others.

Girls – comparing is crap.

Don’t do it.
It’s a waste of time.
It’s a lie.
It will kill your “joie de vivre”.

That fact is – you’ve got it better than most people on the planet.
And in most cases, what you don’t like about yourself can be 
improved upon with some (or maybe a lot) of effort.

I am a self-motivated girl.
I LOVE to find ways to improve myself (and my surroundings).  
That’s great.  I would encourage anyone to “better” themselves if they want to – but not so they can be like someone else.
I personally love to use “stars” for inspiration.  I mean, they have access to styles and beauty regimes I will never be able to afford – but they (or should I say, certain ones) do inspire me…. long gone are the days in my early twenties when I would brutally compare myself to unattainable and unrealistic beauty.

I think that sometimes we need a reality check and I stumbled upon these photos the other day – (you will see the source stamped on the photo).  I don’t post these to dog the stars.  It’s not so you can think, “OMG, look how bad so and so looks” – it’s just for a reminder that so-and-so has dark circles, crows feet and uneven skin too:)

The fact is – the images that you may be bombarded with every day
 (depending on your media exposure) are all fake.
Most of us look rather dreadful with out SOME makeup on,
when we try too hard we look tacky,
when we abuse our bodies, we look like hell – and sadly, some of us die too soon, no matter how fabulous our music is.

Why not wake up tomorrow – birthday or not, and make one or two small changes what will cause you to stand up a little straighter and face your age with pride and grace?
And for heavens sake – 
when you see that magazine cover in the checkout lane that makes you sigh at your own flaws…