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May 1, 2008 | On Motherhood | 7 comments

And everyone has something to say…I love it!
Yes, Homemaker to much of my family and friend chagrin I like to sleep with my kids too! We have the rest of our lives to get good sleep – but actually it is so much easier…I can not imagine trapsing down the hall to feed a baby…just roll over and whip out the boob and fall back asleep.
To hear them breathing, to smell them, to wake up and watch them in the moonlight. Oh, I love it.
With Aidan I “kicked” Joel out of the bed to the guest bedroom for the first three months. That was before the kingsize bed. But we had Aidan in bed with me/us all night til 6 months and then in the pac and play in our room (and he ended up in bed with us later in the night) until 12 months. I will never forget sobbing as I nursed him on his first birthday asking Joel while my family finished off cake downstairs if he could just have one more night in our room.
I did however always put him down for his naps in his own bed. There was absolutely no transition phase.
Amélie is in our closet for the beginning of the night since Joel took the ill-fated Home Depot job. He gets up at 3:15 and I thought it was only fair for him to get as much uninterupted sleep as possible.
While Aidan was the “milkinator” as we called him Amélie is settling into one or two times a night – going down at 6 and getting up by 7am. WOW. I still can’t believe you have to train a child to sleep. And Juls, no wonder Ben couldn’t nap. Poor things (both of you!) Someone should bitch slap that lady that told you to nurse every four hours. I am all for ON DEMAND for the first 12 weeks and then they seem to morph into and every 2-3 hour thing.
And yes, I FIRMLY believe in babies being allowed to fall asleep on the boob! God made it to be SO SOOTHING for them. While I have good friends that swear by it there is no Baby-Wise going on chez nous! I don’t however try to lay them preciously without waking them in their crib. They can get stirred a little and then fall asleep on their own or with a nuk.
Wow. I was thinking about starting to post more weekly blogs about mothering techniques. Guess I just started…


  1. HomemakerAng

    oh my… we are more alike than i thought! I banned baby wise when it tried to come to the mega church we used to attend… its child abuse in my book. Dr Dobson wont even put his stamp on the crazy ezzos!

  2. HomemakerAng

    btw… i am coming down quickly with the flu… UGH!

    i tried your cell and got the answer machine right away…

  3. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Yeah, no phone yet. Ordered it last night – UPS ground. We’ll see.

  4. HomemakerAng

    ezzos are the inventors of baby wise… crazyos…

  5. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Oh, “Let them be Little” is one of those “too much” songs. Agony. Checkin out the link now.

  6. Berlin Deluxxe

    Sounds a lot like me… 🙂
    Breastfeeding was a blessing when my son slept with us 🙂


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