“Cyber Monday.”

The least chic name ever. It doesn’t conjure up buying gifts full of inspiration or beauty. It just feels so – Amazonified.

Booooooring – Well, I’m here to rescue that.

When I created ‘Parisienne Farmgirl’ 19 years ago, I wanted to share beauty simply because I was excited about making it. I had NO idea that others spoke my language, and now, all these years later, we’re in a GROOVE. Parisienne Farmgirl is a part of home makeovers, treasures found, and memories made (with our Paris trips).

In that spirit, I’m closing out this discount weekend with a few beautiful invitations for you –

Firstly – I have just four spaces left for the April Paris Trip. That’s right – come to Paris with me. Let me share this amazing city through the eyes of ‘Parisienne Farmgirl’: my favorite places to eat, my favorite clothing shops, my favorite art dealers and copper sources, and THREE private tours of my favorite flea markets. Are flea markets not your thing? No worries! I can hire a driver to take you to Monet’s house, a tour guide to lead you thru Versailles, I can register you for a cooking class with a food market tour…. you name it. We’re going to make it happen for you. Grab your daughter or your best friend, or tell hubby you need a sabbatical. Paris is calling you, and a trip there with me does NOT disappoint. Please message me so we can talk about our “Cyber Monday” options. You can learn more general info about the trip here.

Our October 2023 trip Guests

Our April 2023 Trip Guests

Secondly – each day, I help people create beautiful spaces in their own homes. I’ve curated the Old World Design Society for women (and men) who want encouragement in cultivating a beautiful home. This private group is tailored for those who do not want to sift through social media for design inspiration. Every Monday, I encourage our Society with a Design Challenge; on Friday mornings, we visit over coffee, and once a month, we sit down together to address Interior Design questions and develop SOLUTIONS. It’s like having a team of designers at your fingertips and a whole new batch of warm-hearted friends. On this Cyber Monday, I invite you to try the Old World Design Society for THREE WEEKS FREE. You can do that here for just $7.50 and you won’t even be charged for now.  Join now and receive the COMPLETE retired Old World digital magazine archives and the complete interior design class archives. That’s over a thousand pages of inspiration and over ten hours of education! Here’s what else you’ll enjoy-


⚜️Full Designer Topics Access in the Group, resource links, and more, post your design projects, design ideas, and design dilemmas and get feedback from all your fellow designers


⚜️Monday Design Challenge for the Week (improve your home design skills each week) 

⚜️Thursday Society newsletter featuring all the highlights of the week

⚜️Friday Morning Coffee Talks with Angela


⚜️ Live Design Q and A Calls with Angela each month, submit your questions and photos

⚜️1, 10% coupon per month for Parisienne Farmgirl Shoppe

And lastly – It’s been an amazing launch! On Labor Day we launched the Parisienne Farmgirl Shoppe after years of followers asking how to get “my look in your home”. From clothing to Paris Flea Market treasures, the online store has new merchandise added every Friday, and there are about 6 hours left to enjoy 15% off with the coupon code NOEL15. FREE UPS SHIPPING with every order, AND gift cards are on sale too! SHOP HERE.

Forget another Amazon gift. Parisienne Farmgirl has you covered, from Paris tours to ongoing education to one-of-a-kind French antiques. These offers expire at 11:59 Central time, so don’t delay!

Stay tuned this week on YouTube for our French Farmhouse Christmas tour, and I’ll be in touch again very soon! (I can’t WAIT to show you how I’m making faux rustic beams in my bathroom without resorting to foam!)

Stay fabulous. I appreciate you.