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Yeap, it’s a pain.
Yeap, it’s always so cold.
Yeap, it’s trés cher.
But it’s so wonderul and one of my favorite Christmas traditions.
Each year we drive through this charming historic town to get to “our” tree farm, each year we bring my Grandpas thermos… the one he used to take out into the fields… full of hot chocolate (and sometimes Bailey’s!).  Each year it seems as though I am either great with child or holding a new baby in my arms… kissing a button-red cold little nose while Big Daddy saws away and each year we find a beautiful, perfect, fragrant tree to marvel at each cold, wintery, December evening.


  1. Tina Leigh

    What beautiful pictures!!!! I took my grand-daughter to the tree farm last friday, a tradition that I am starting with her. My nick-name for her is “Little Package”, so I told her we were going to get a little package sized Christams tree and she LOVED that idea. Our tree is not much bigger than the one in the picture with your babies and the small tree. Looks like a beautiful town too….good memory makers!

  2. Jenny

    Thank you for sharing this sweet family tradition. Blessings to you and the memories y’all make that put Christ center stage and your family in His light. That wreath picture is Christmas card pretty.

  3. cityfarmer

    I love the mud on Joel’s jeans… keepin it real

    what a beautiful family

    love to you all
    can’t wait for Christmas at onegram’s

  4. Victoria

    There’s that little red button nose! What a sweet family tradition you have. Next year I will get a real tree I think.. and turquoise/red is really nice for gifts!

  5. claudia b

    J’adore votre jupe!

  6. Deanna

    Wonderful Traditions!!!
    Makin’ memories and that’s worth more than alot of things.

    Love the red coat.
    Gonna have to get me one!

    God bless and may your Christmas be blessed,
    d from homehaven in Kansas

  7. Anne - Fiona and Twig

    What a beautiful tradition, you and your babies…all of you…are just precious!

  8. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    GOODness! I love that last one, it should be your Christmas card! And the one of just you, should be framed, how cute is that?


  9. Katy~The Country Blossom

    I absolutely LOVE your skirt!!!! You look gorgeous and you have a beautiful family! 🙂

  10. Kalee

    What a fun trip this looks like! Your family is as beautiful as the setting! And hey, I think it sounds like it would be more fun with either a baby in belly or on hip….you’re building good old fashioned traditions that you’re children will always remember and love!

    I loved the look of the town so I googled it and I’m in love. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in the city right now, but someday we want to live in a tiny little town with an old fashioned main street (G wants to eventually teach at a college), and with the proximity to our families, this would be perfection. I find such odd inspiration at your blog!


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