The Curious Curio…

Apr 14, 2011 | Parisienne Farmhouse Design (TM) | 13 comments

So, one week ’til Shop the Shed!
Just when I was getting all my little projects done, ready to focus on the macaron assembly line…
I found this curious little curio.
Needs a little bondo, little sanding, lotta love and some color.
I am leaning towards that “Versailles Attic” TM look I love to create.  You know… something that looks like La Dauphine might have used it to display her treasures…
Leaning towards the colors in the mac tower…
Can’t get away from them!
Little Tiffany Blue?
With a lotta distressing?
What do you think?


  1. Deanna

    i think you’re one lucky gal to come across this neat piece of furniture.

    Hope you share the finished project when all is said and done. I know it’ll be mighty pretty when you put your touch to it!!!!

    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  2. Adrienne

    What do you think?

    I think you should crate that up and ship it to moi. That’s what I think… 😉

  3. sarah atmyyellowhouse

    I can’t wait to see what you do with it…I love your ideas so far. I have almost the same cabinet that I got from an auction last weekend and just keep staring at it trying to decide what to do.
    Hope all is well ~
    sarah xo

  4. Stephanie

    YES! It’s a great piece. I watched Marie Antoinette again recently….le sigh.

  5. Beth - In My World...

    Lovely! I have one like this in my dining room that belonged to my grandparents. When my grandparents sold their home I was in 8th grade and they left this piece with the house for the new owners (I know, right?! How crazy was THAT?!) Many years later, my husband and I bought the house so now the home AND cabinet are both back in the family. Indeed, life is good!

  6. Kalee

    Honestly, I love it as is. I can see it in a soft palette nursery with lots of pale blues and greys. Actually, now I want it! I seriously considered how I could get back to your area for the sale. Sadly, with G in Iraq I don’t think that’s gonna happen…

  7. Josephine Rose

    I think you should show us the step-by-step process, especially the distressing, so I can do this to a piece I have!

  8. Julie

    Oh wow! LOVE that curio! Tiffany blue would be perfect. I can’t wait to see the finished result.

    If only California were closer to Illinois, I would borrow a truck, and go wild shopping at your sale.

  9. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    If I win the lottery I will be there.

    Can’t wait for your book on macarons. The one I bought at Anthro was a big fat flop!

    I am back to using my favorite recipe.

  10. Carolyne

    Oh, how!
    I can check out shipping to Oregon…….I’m thinkin’!!!

    But, truly maybe it should stay with you. It would be beautiful in your new nursery.
    Love, Carolyne

  11. à la parisienne

    A year ago I found a little curio very much like this one (not quite as ornate) for Amelia’s room. Painting and making this little cabinet over is on the 2011 to do list. I have an itch to put something wonderful on the back interior wall-vintage wallpaper, a pop of color…

    Yes, I think you’re la reine of painting furniture in Tiffany Blue.
    No doubt, this curious curio will be swept off her feet at the sale!


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