A “thank you” to my brother for google chatting with me this morning and sending me this… He knows me so well.
He knows that I’m not a fan of President Obama.
It feels so strange to call him that. My president.
Remember that old song Creep by Radiohead? Truth be told, if I had to pick my top five all time favorite songs “Creep” would be in the bunch… it’s haunting, desperate, sad and just goes to a very dark, feeling place in my soul when I hear it.
It makes me cry.
I cried again when I heard it this morning.
I cried for myself, my hard working husband, my children’s financial futures and this country.
The truth is that I’m afraid. With someone like Obama in power, what chance do any of us have?
Us, who are just trying to get by.
Us, who do what we can. Who try and work as hard as we can every day.
Us, like my family. And your family. And our families working together.
I know God is on the throne, but that doesn’t mean that all this doesn’t hurt like hell.
Enjoy and be moved.



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