Feb 23, 2006 | From France to the Farm | 2 comments

Screw it all. I have got it bad for Paris and that ain’t good. Darn you Cindy for sending me all those links…

Two years ago I was packing my bags off for the adventure of a lifetime. I think two years is the longest gap inbetween my France trips (all 3 of them) since 2000. It doesn’t look like I’ll get back until next spring and that is only if we can afford it. I have just GOT to squeeze in another trip before baby number two. If we dont go next year then two years will easily turn into ten! Quel horreur!!!
Paris is on my brain all the time. I long to smell diesel fuel as I cross crowded boulevards with cranky Parisians late for work. I long look stylish by NOT washing my hair and I long to push Aidan thru the Jardin du Luxembourg and pretend as though I don’t have a care in the world.

I am fine tuning the journals that I emailed to everyone while I was there. After I get done with that and a few illustrations then it’s off to the publisher! Bon chance!
Pouring over my words, every detail is so fresh in my mind even 700 days later. The light musty smell of my apartment, the smell of a feshly lit cigarette (not mine of course) and the scurry to get in line at the Eric Kaisser bakery every evening at 5pm for a fresh, hot, TO-DIE-FOR bauguette…Wonder Bread is a crime against humanity.

Do frequent flyer miles/credit card miles really work? They may be my only hope unless I get a mural job to rival the Sistine (sp?) Chapel! In the meantime maybe I will post my journals for you to read again or for the first time, I will send my book in and maybe one day Random House will come calling and PAY me to move back.


  1. julee

    I have yet for you to post without an addition to my “wish I said it first list” = Wonder Bread is a crime against humanity!
    Dreams are real things…not wisps and air, it is our job to make them come true. Remember, this is not dress rehearsal.

  2. cityfarmer

    Missin you so much..I missed you while you were in Paris too. More than you’ll ever know.
    REALLY miss Aidan. Such a sweetie.
    We are (like you know) soaking this up.
    Loving the blogs and feeling connected.
    Start that book…you can do it.
    We’ll be home late Tuesday PM
    Probably making a bunch of phone calls tonight.


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