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Countdown to Christmas.

I must have Clark W. Grizwald-itus. As soon as I take off my Halloween costume ( I was Zorro this year and Aidan was a Gnome) I start to PANIC about Christmas. My list is already a mile long and this year I have to be done BEFORE our Christmas party because I am having Thanksgiving here. Don’t get me wrong. I am no martyr. I enjoy setting up box after box of decorations, making multiple trips to Target for white lights and drawing my own Christmas cards but I just never start early enough. This year I should have factored Aidan in and started in August.
This is a great time of year for me as far as my house goes too and I get to crack the whip and get a few projects done each year before the party. There is no keeping up with the Jones’ in this house – it’s more like what sort of hair-brained idea can Ang come up with that Joel with have to implement. I think he gets off easy as I have done most of the painting in this house but what he does get stuck with is hanging the latest additions to my chandelier collection and re-wiring the latest funky old lamps that I have found. As I type there is a have dis-mantled vintage alabaster based lamp with a darling faded silk lampshade on our faux fireplace and a crystal chandelier laying on the hallway floor upstairs. I will definitely have to get Zorro whip out for those babies.
My most recent idea is to tile our backsplash in the kitchen. I Venetian Plastered the kitchen last year and always thought tile would look so cheery but could never find any that didn’t look corny soooooo…I have decided to hand paint my own. I have 80 done so far and about 220 to go. It will all be worth it someday but for now Joel just shakes his head when he walks by me and my little paintbrush and tile spread all over the kitchen counter.
Our big annual party is on the 9th and if I get everything done before then I can relax for the rest of the month (yeah right). I am putting a selection of my re-designed furniture in a local store tomorrow, I have Aidans scrapbook to work on, I need a hair cut something fierce, I have GOT to work out at least 4 times a week, there are lights to put up, jobs to bid, a Christmas letter to finish, a garden to put to bed for the winter…AHHHHHH. I love it!!! Life is a riot.
This is why you haven’t heard from me in the last few days – just getting all my ducks in a row. Tomorrow I start shootin’ em down.
‘”Tis the season to be Merry.”
“Well, That’s my name.” “
“No shit.”


  1. cityfarmer

    Leave it to Ang to start quotin’ Christmas Vacation before we watch it on Thanksgiving.

  2. FarmgirlCyn

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Christmas Vacation! I’m already looking for my box of Christmas CD’s! Bought a new one yesterday at Target…Diana Krall sings Christmas…will be playing it on my way to work today!!!! You go girl!!


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