I dream of clean, white and racks to dry clothes. A yard big enough for a huge wash line and an animal free laundry room…

Dream on Parisienne Farmgirl!

So many of us have these beautiful old farmhouses, cottages, bungalows… We have lovely imperfect plaster walls, a few well placed cracks in the ceilings, old porcelain tubs and funky hardware to match them. Our doorways are framed in sturdy wood – none of that new, cheap construction, semi-plastic crap in our homes! (No kidding! They actually put plastic doors and trim in some of those corn field sub-divisions!)
We have charming kitchens, usually about 1.5 cozy little bathrooms and one, hell-hole, dungeon of a laundry room in the basement!
I don’t mind doing laundry. I enjoy the challenge of getting out a stain. I am neurotic about my folding. It’s very precise and very flat and I have been known to get a little carried away with an iron and a can of starch. If you walk by at the wrong time you may get starched and pressed yourself. There is NOTHING like sleeping on stiff, starched sheets.
You wouldn’t know this by the looks of my laundry room. It is absolutely horrible and I put off going down there as long as possible – and I will confess, I have learned how to treat mildew stains. So much for my status as a true, Domestic Goddess.
My dungeon inspires anything but clean and through the years has hosted it’s share of wildlife and swamp creatures. I have had he unfortunate company of a mouse staying cozy and warm one winter in a pile of clothes,

I have freed quite a few birds from my dryer hose/vent and well, let’s just say there has been many a Mexican stand off between myself and beetles and millipedes larger than my foot!!!

The sad thing is, my dungeon, like so many other areas of my house has so much potential, and IF you would believe it, the way it looks now is actually an improvement from the way it looked when we moved in 7 years ago.The Bastille was probably a nicer dwelling than being banished to my basement laundry room.
It must run in the family. Perhaps it’s a “Frey Girl” thang. My Aunt Juls has looked up from her domestic duties only to find Ricky Raccoon staring back down at her from the rafters, My Mom’s laundry room/basement holds Genus Species not yet known to the world of Science. Huge, long, legged creatures that eat dirty socks and varieties of mildew on the crumbling walls that also remain unidentified.  My Gramma once had a basement laundry room but knowing her, it was probably spotless and now, she has paid her dues and for many years had a laundry area worthy of envy… Aunt Ruth?
Well, she doesn’t count and choice words that are completely unfair to a woman of such character come to mind…(Let’s simply say that when they remodeled their kitchen last year, well, her laundry room was clean and functioning enough to work as their make shift, and I use the term loosely, kitchen during the construction. Kind of resembles one of those dream laundry rooms at the beginning of this post only with gorgeous NAVY BLUE appliances!)
So, here it is ladies. Your chance to air your dirty laundry. There is no shame here. This is a safe place.
“My name is Parisienne Farmgirl and I have a ugly laundry room.”
Let’s go around the room…”My name is…”
Here’s how to play:
E-mail me photos of your disgusting, messy, gross and downright horrible laundry room. You can do it, drop your pride, no uptight bloggers here! You will get one entry for each photo you send. No more than three please. I have children and despite what you may think after considering the time it took to do this post, I do have a life. You will get one entry for a brief description of your laundry room and I’ll give you 5 entries if you will post this contest in a viseable area on your side bar. So, that is a max of 9 entries! Woo-hoo!
My email is: anglovesparis@sbcglobal.net. Please make sure your photo files are small for easy loading. Questions have come in – And no, your laundry room does not have to be in the basement. It can be anywhere in/around your house.
I know there are some good ones out there – for heavens sake, I think HomemakerAng is doing her laundry on the same Machine my Great Gramma did!!!
I’ll run this contest until April 8th at Midnight central. I will then video a drawing and post it the following day! What will the prize be you ask??? Well, Goodies to balance out all that ugliness of course! Much of it will be a surprise but how’s this for a teaser…
  • Black and Hot Pink Hollyhock seeds from my garden!
  • Recipes!
  • Treats from around the Parisienne Farmhouse
  • And of course, some lovely laundry accessories. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!
So down to the dungeon with you! Camera in hand! And lest your pride stand in your way – here is a tour of mine. Hands down, the grossest.

Come with me if you dare! Harrods of Knightsbridge has never seen anything like THIS!

The play area.  The kids LOVE it! Also, my empty canning shelves and equally sparse wine storage! The fence keeps LeeLee away from the real funk.

Now, don’t get jealous. I know it’s beautiful

Full of interesting and inspiring vignettes like this one of the busted bird that I can’t bare to part with from Aidan’s first baby-lay-on-your-back-and-play-thing, some fishing line, a too small pair of boots and an Iraqi tea pot from an old Assyrian friend of mine.

Here’s the focal point. I WILL say there is an abundance of laundry around here since three of us were puking our brains out for most of the week last week. Poor Daddy had to take care of us and the house.
And just so ya know I don’t usually keep laundry on the floor but these loads are ready to get washed.

The “drying rack” and a view into the screened over crawl space where most of our “friends” probably come from.

Kind of makes you want to stand here and work on a stain doesn’t it?
Wait a minute – the entire SINK looks like a STAIN! This is not my doing, this is Big Daddies department. I try to pretend the entire basement is Big Daddy’s department. Most of it is!

This too has his name on it. Is it a desk? Is it a file cabinet? It was SUPPOSED to be for laying clothes out.

A view skyward into the laundry shoot. Thank HEAVEN for laundry shoots!

Wait a minute, is this a laundry room or a shower…what the HELL is that? you are asking yourself?

That’s right ladies, just in case I decide to strip naked and get cleaned up myself, there is a shower hanging OVER my washing machine!!! Beat THAT!

Energy efficiant windows, provided by a pillow and some plastic!


The view back into the playroom.

Thought you’d like a close up of the mess sink.

The nook that will someday be my amazing pantry.

And last but not least – the stairs. How would you like to traverse those babies 9 months pregnant with a full laundry basket in your arms???