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Aug 12, 2009 | Random Thoughts | 18 comments

Joel, Angela – 14 years today and their other true loves
So many ponderings, opinions, adventures and more.
So little time.
Here is what is going on in my head and I’ll let you vote on what you’d like to read next.
Rock the vote!
“Today in the Kitchen, Some Like it Hot!”
“Put up or Shut up – A Personal Challenge”
“The September Issue”
“A Collection of Collections – Part One”
“Teaching your Kids to Eat – Part Two”
So there you have it – no wonder I can’t fall asleep at night. To many wheels spinning. It’s got to be a common blogger syndrome – you girls are all so creative I bet your brains never quit either.
I will leave this post for a couple days to collect votes/comments and then I’ll try to post accordingly!


1994 Dating
1995 Wedding Day
1996 P.J. Hoffmaster State Park
1997 Nashville 1998 Door County
1999 Aunt Ruth’s House 2000 Paris2001 Door County
2002 Paris 2003, The Farm 2004, Silver Saddle Reunion 2005 Door County 2006, Our Garden (There’s that arbor again!) 2007 Door Country August 12th 2008 Our Garden


This is so corny but it is the only way I could find to play “our song” on the blog. Ironically, this is how Joel and I met…at a country bar 16 years ago…we fell in love on the dancefloor. The words of this song are so perfect for us – it has been our song since the very beginning. I love you babe.


  1. Joannah

    Happy anniversary! I LOVE those pictures of you two.

    We just had our 21st anniverary yesterday – 21 months that is!


    P.S. I’ll read anything you write.

  2. Jen

    Happy day to you! Love the photos–that’s a great idea.
    I vote for the September one and Teaching your kids to eat.
    But I’ll read anything!

  3. farmhouse wares

    This series of photos is so much fun. Thanks for sharing and happy anniversary!

  4. Joy

    Hey, congrats!!! I vote for the one about the personal something or another… LOL, can’t remember what it was. Personal challenge?? (I need to challenge myself to try to remember better.) The photos of you and your husband are wonderful, I’m happy for you.

  5. Farmgirl Cyn

    Happy Anniversary to you both! I remember the day well….how hot was it??? The hottest freakin’ day of the year, I think!
    Love the photos, as always.
    Up next, I think I’d like a serving of something hot from the kitchen!

  6. Bonjour Madame

    Happy Anniversary! I’m constantly amazed at how marriage just gets better over the years. I like the song too.

    I vote for the kitchen post or the personal challenge.

  7. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    HOW SWEET! I love that you have a picture for each year to put on here! I hope you two have a great anniversary and I think you are so adorable in each and every picture, whether you have short hair, or long!

  8. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    I forgot to vote! I say the put up or shut up…it’s got my curiosity piqued!

  9. Carol.............

    What wonderful pictures you have shared on this blog! You indeed look like a most happy couple…. congratulations.

  10. Anne Marie


    not at you, but that video! you totally crack me up I swear!!!

    okay, so this is what I’m going to do: print out your pictures (the paris ones – you go girl! – and the farm one where you look better than Danica Patrick!! – way better)

    and then I’m going to fram them in my family room.

    dare me

  11. Life in the 'Burbs

    Happy Anniversary! You already know this, but cherish it…every single minute. It has been brought to light for us this past week how quickly one’s soul mate can be taken away from our earthly lives. Dean and I have revowed to live our lives to the fullest, with purpose. All of which you already do! Angela, you will never have any regrets, for that I am sure. Happy Anniversary. May you have 80 more :o)

  12. cityfarmer

    How could the mama of such a beautiful woman decide which picture….oh, I’m supposed to decide what TOPIC. Silly me.

    Last night turned out for the better at this end. We drank the Moet anyway.

    hope you were able to curl up with the movies and enjoy the quiet of your love filled home.

  13. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Please don’t use words like “Moët” in my presence. I just can not take it.
    I swear I think I’d put up with puking again just once a day for a glass of champagne nightly.

  14. julie

    Happy Anniversary to you both. What lovely pictures. I enjoy your blog so much and whatever you choose I will enjoy reading….julie

  15. Berlin Deluxxe

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to celebrate my first year anniversary with my hubby..

  16. Simon Hall Jr.

    J’aime ces photos!
    vous avez besoin d’un photo nouveaux pour cette anneé!
    Et ton fils, quel est son nom?
    Il a les cheveux blond comme monroe 🙂

    Je t’embrasse
    Simon Hall Jr.

  17. Musings From A French Cottage

    Happy Anniversary to you both! Love all of the photos and I’m lovin’ that dance video too!!

    I vote “Put up or Shut Up” I could use a personal challenge…although I, like many others have already said, would read anything you write. Love this blog!!



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