le potager -vegetable

It all began last fall during a morning nap. I escaped to mon jardin and began to dig out a 17 foot across circle in the very back of my garden. Needless to say I didnt get it done and snow fell of my piles of dirt and sod that I had no place to put. Fast forward to Spring 2006…
After multiple neighbors stopped by to see the excavation project (sure that I was digging for Hoffa in the backyard) there is now the very beginnings of what I conjured up in my mind so many months ago as I was falling asleep one night. Un potager.
A place where I could pad out to just before dinner to pick fresh lettuce, onions and green beens. A place where masses of opal leaf basil and chives could grow freely and beautifully. Mon potager.
Yesterday we made another trip to “the stone place” and loaded over 60 small boulders on the back of the truck (and I wonder why my back hurts all the time). We formed two of the four beds and created a DARLING little sets of stairs coming from the terrace. There is nothing as romantic and clever as paths and step-downs in a garden. Though 60 feet of so from the sidewalk I try to make it feel as otherworldly as possible. Perhaps we will finally finish it next weekend by building up the two remaining beds and laying mulitple bags of crushed limestone on the paths. Then the real difficult and possibly expensive part – searching for great deals on boxwoods, raspberry and blue berry bushes to fill in the surounding space – creating privacy and delites for vanilla ice cream for summers to come. Since we have “Garden Design” on the business card I am going to try to set up a wholesale account around here. Anything to aid in the addiction.
Alors, it’s coming along. Provence in my backyard. Little by little. Presque fini.

Le potager – vegetable garden
Mon jardin – my garden
Alors- so, well, alas,
Presque fini – almost finished