Bonjour ladies!
 How about an opportunity to show off your favorite collections!
 I’ve got so many from Strawberry Shortcake dolls to Vintage Dresses!
 I know you do too!
So, here is my first attempt to use “Monsieur Linky” – let’s start something new together!

  Every Wednesday (hopefully) we will share a collection as The Collective Collectors!  I will work on a widget for your Sidebar tonight – but for now use Mr. Linky and show off your stuff!  Post your favorite photographs of your collections, one theme per post and in “my world” a collection is anything you have three or more of… tell us how your collection began, the “story trouvé” (the story of  how you found it) and if you got a good deal, by all means – do dish!
Parisienne Farmgirl’s Collection for this Tuesday is my Copper.  I recently polished it all and had it all over the kitchen counter, it looked so cool all together…
Je sais, Je sais, tarnished copper is so cool but it had been two years and in some cases mine was turning black!

The motherload.
Pieces trouvé from the Paris flea market to local farmers markets and thrift shoppes. The sad truth is, while they are lovely, most of them need to be re-tinned inside in order to be used. I have NO IDEA where to have that done but it’s on my list for 2010.

You have no idea what you will find once you begin to polish your copper – like this charming little “Made in France” stamp. This piece was a gift from Momma for my birthday a few years back.

This one is pretty junky but I love the shape. It tarnishes quickly and badly. Kind of like my heart… hear me out…

As I was polishing it I was thinking how hard and ugly my heart can get when I stray from my relationship with Jesus. It’s feeling ugly and quick to tarnish this week…
As I polished this pan these initials began to appear. 
I could not help but think about keeping my heart “polished for Him” lest his name, which is written on my heart not be visible for friends, family and strangers to see.

That big one in the bottom corner, another gift from Momma. Yikes, I swear, she did not buy me the entire collection but let’s just say I get “first right of refusal” on stuff I see in her house. One day this was sitting on her stove and I was like, “Excuse me! Copper is MY thing!” LOL! The next time she came over she brought it with her…confessing it looked better in my kitchen. It’s huge and is PERFECT for Risotto which I make a lot of (and she doesn’t) – again, something that needs to be re-tinned and then it will be swiftly put to use with some Arborio rice and homemade chicken stock!

I won’t bore you with too many photos since most of the copper and it’s stories appeared in the Design on a Centime kitchen post
Et alors– it’s your turn! Let’s link up! Follow the directions below, post your Collection on your blog and link back to Parisienne Farmgirl so your readers can participate too!
Next Wednesday’s collection? 
Courtship Scenes.