…and thank goodness you cannot choose your family.
I would have never dreamt it could be like this…
Since a collection is 3 or more of anything I would like to take this Wednesday (yes I know it’s Monday but I am giving you a few days to get your collection together this time!) to highlight the joys of my life…
I know I said this week’s collection would be Courtship Scenes but I’ll do those next week. I simply could not resist these memories from the last month…
Big Daddy.
Momma’s little “helpers.”
Our littlest ones sleep in the middle ’til they are 6 months old…it’s magical!
Juliette’s first bottle… she took it! YAY!
Everyone got a turn.
Aidan took this of Joel.

Mini Joel?
Amélie wearing vintage Calvin Klein. This was my jean skirt when I was a child. Momma saved it.
Braids are very trendy this spring…here is Amélie’s first french braid. SO TEENY! SO CUTE!
“Mon lapin.”  Says her jumper.
More like “mon ange.”
Too bad she didn’t make The Sartorlialist in this little number. Garage sale chic!
Aidan’s favorite color is orange. He loves it, and since his name means “fiery” it suits his spunky little personality very well.
I’d kill for those curls. The poor thing stops traffic where ever she goes.
I imagine this one will too.
Pigs and baby hairs.
Juliette and the “Baby Whisperer” – Aidan has a real gift with his baby sister. It is really amazing… he can just about change a diaper by himself!!!
When he is not building Legos, that is.
Her nickname is Miss Kitty. Her Auntie bought her a corny meets cute little Hello Kitty ensemble for Christmas. The boots were a gift from a friend who found them at the Thrift Shoppe for the dress up box. Amélie is head over heals in love with them and insists on wearing them all the time. They are four sizes too big.  Sometimes I want to pin a sign on my kids that says, “I dressed myself. My Momma had nothing to do with this.”
Baby J’s first walk.
The darling dress made by her Momma and… those boots.
Mon TouTou.
Aidan…my heart. My heart.
Finally, a photo of me n’ the babes.
Mes Filles.
Daddy and his Princess.
Speaking of the “Family Bed.”
LeeLee and I watched the Red Carpet together for the Academy Awards…this was her ensemble. She didn’t even have to rent the rocks…she totally wins best dressed. Non?
You should see the rest from this little impromptu shoot that her and I did!
The girls’ hands.
They fight over her at night – she has to snuggle in at least one of their beds or else no one is happy. This was LeeLee’s turn.
Aidan can now undo the gate and the top of the stairs… and VERY quietly. This is how I found them the other morning at 6:30 am, already fully immersed in Lego Land.
I finally finished Aidys’ pajamas.  Ticking and John Deere. He is so proud of them, can you tell?
“… and on His Law shall he meditate day and night…”
Kiddo is forever hugging and kissing his sister, usually making her squeal in frustration. Here, she seams happy to receive his affections. Thank goodness.
Baby J.
In my 20s, I was totally addicted to All My Children. Move over Erica Kane, you ain’t got nothin’ on these babes.
Long One.
Our kids are going to tower over us.
So unfair.
Mama hand for scale.
Cache Cache.
(French for Peak-a-Boo)
What’s your Collection for the week?