I love the word courtship.
It conjures up the romantic process… the way it “should” be.  Did you know “dating” is a word associated with prostitution?

Courtship?  Well… think Jane Austen.  A process of getting to know each other and fall in love that includes enjoying nature, music, poems and most importantly… each person’s families.  To me the word implies a sense of propriety and simply heady romance.

I love courtship scenes and you will find them all over our home from plaster reliefs to tiny little framed pictures that are easily overlooked yet so important in creating the homey, romantic, French look that we love.  

I was pressed for time this morning so pardon my late post and my uninspired photos but here it is:  I know you have seen most of theses delights in other photographs our of home but here is my collection for this week…

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