I am going down with the ship…
This “Collective Collectors” thing has not taken off as I would have hoped.  I was so looking forward to enjoying everyone’s “stuff” – but I know us girls are busy… I have even felt a little boxed in knowing I “had” to blog about a such and such on a given day… but nonetheless I am going to keep at it… at least for a few more weeks… I mean come on, I have not even shown you my Strawberry Shortcake collection yet!
As usual, if you would like to show the world one of your collections use Mr. Linky down below and grab the Collective Collectors button on my sidebar.  Tell us all about your Collection, how you began, what you pay… how addicted you are, etc.  And for heavens sake – do it guilt free.  Yes, you’re American – that makes you materialistic by default.   Just because you collect things does not make you a hoarder, it doesn’t mean you waste your money, it doesn’t mean you don’t care about other people.  People that act holier than thou cause they don’t collect anything bug me.
I don’t know about you but I get sick of looking at the same stuff in blogland homes all the time and I do feel like after all my “Design on a Centime” posts that you are probably sick if seeing the same shots of our home… but I do collect “Chandies” so to make a just a bit more interesting these photographs are taken at night… and then, I swear, I won’t bore you with my lighting again… until I get a new one that is!

The first one.  Years ago desperate for a cool light in our old townhouse we went to a ladies home who sells chandeliers and choose from the few we could afford.  $100 for this silver plated, circa 1930 beauty.  I love the shape of the crystals… I have only seen that shape a few times since.

This one -affectionately known as the “big mammer jammer”.  It’s brass with gorgeous rosettes and verdigris patina here and there.  My contribution to our painting business is faux finishes and murals.  A few years ago I was painting a mural in a teens room; a palm tree.  Nothing amazing but the mom and I got to talking about the style of our home and she mentioned she had a huge chandelier in a box in her garage.  She did not want it but it was her aunts and she wanted it to go to a “good home.”  I offered to take $50 off her bill… et voila.  I am so over the blue crystals that I made but I have to find some to replace them.

This little gold leafed wonder was hanging at a local, horrible resale shop.  I cleaned like crazy and added the shades.  It’s one of my favs.  $75.

This one, though without crystals is super cool.  It’s “original” to the house.  We are the fourth owners of this 160 year old home – I would guess 1920’s for this light – it looks a little art deco to me.  What do you think?  The second owner of the home, now my friend took it with her and I bought it back from her for $50.

Bought this brassy babe at my Mom’s old shop.  The cute shades are from Hobby Lobby.  It now hangs dramatically in our Moulin Rouge inspired powder room.  $150.

Les Jumeaux.  It’s amazing how things work out.  I was dreaming out twin chandie’s for our kitchen.  During a visit at my BIL’s home he took us down to the basement to view his “getting rid of it” pile.  These two were laying there.  Filthy, crystals in a pile and in need of professional re-wiring.  FREE!

Aidan was about 3 months old and we were out garage saleing a mile or so from here.  Low and behold there on the ground was this dirty, lonely chandelier.  I offered the owner $40 and she bit.  It’s missing roping and cups but you will see I patterned them to every other arm et voila… it looks gorgeous in our hallway.  FORTY DOLLARS!  This would have been $300 at our local antique mall!

When your hubby is a working man he brings home goodies from the job every great once and awhile.  This mini chandie was one of those goodies.  I added the Parisian shades and painted the crystals teal to go with our bedroom.  FREE.

Another one from my BIL’s basement.  I spent hours cleaning it and $180 to have have this one and the twins from the kitchen re-wired.  That is still a great deal.  This one would have been $500 at least at the antique mall.

OK so not a chandelier but I could not resist… the shades I got in Paris and the light was part of a barter with a friend.

Bought this from my Mom who was selling it for someone else.  It’s little, patinaed and darling… it dramatically hangs in my CLOSET!  $50.

So cool but I think I am done with it and may be selling it at the Farmhouse or on the Farm Sale very soon.  Should I keep it black or paint it Robbins Egg Blue with gold leaf highlights?… I can’t decide.

Amรฉlie’s room.  PINK!  Part of a barter with a friend who had a shop – I fauxed her kitchen cabs and got to choose from stuff in her closing shop.

Another shot of the “mammer jammer” reflecting in a perfectly distressed mirror…

Almost all of our chandeliers are on a dimmer… there is something so delightful about putting them all to a romantic setting after sunset.  You can see our lights from about every window in the house… I feel a “moral obligation” to have them gently lit at night for those driving by… I know if I saw such cozy lighting in a home as I drove by… it would make me feel good and think, “Oh, that’s nice.”  Corny I know.

Your turn!