Farming… gardening… it always seems like you’re thinking about next year. And so, even with the amount of work to be done around here, it can be difficult for me to live in present. I am blessed with so much anticipation in my life. I love it and with homesteading, you do so much today so that X, Y, Z can happen down the road.

And yet at present, I find myself pretty stuck in the present. Waiting on a goat.

My beloved Nigerian dwarf Coco, queen of the farm (after myself of course 🙂 is expecting kids. Baby goats that is. And I swear, she has been expecting for an eternity. We watch her waddle thru the barnyard. She looks truly miserable. Like a pregnant woman at 41 weeks. Her ligs (ligaments) seem soft, her udder is filling up (and oh baby, is it going to be gorgeous!) but tick tock, tick tock. We seem at an impasse.

Waiting for Coco: Homesteading in the spring and anticipating baby goats

Baby Goats

Actually, she’s making me feel a bit like a rookie, though, this won’t be our first kidding. When I left for California a couple weeks ago I prayed she would hold off ’til I returned. ‘Cause I’m the midwife, you know? And now, days and days have gone by.

Nada…. or should I say, rien.

I’m soooooooo excited for the routine, for the milking, for the cheese and possibilities. We’re kind of working in little circles here around the farm. Trying to do a little garden clean up, but the mud is so intense, keeping the chicks and turkeys and ducks warm under the heat lamp before their big enough to go outside, we’ve got a broody sitting on eggs and we’re trying to keep her comfortable while she does her thing, ordering new bees today (the field mice destroyed the hives)…. The season is about to EXPLODE and then it will be work, work, work, (read: fun, fun, fun)….Oh, the milking stanchion is getting some repairs today and I’m sprucing up her stall, again…

But we’re waiting on Coco and the Baby Goats.