How to Clothe Four Children for 8 Dollars… Fashionably.

Nov 30, 2011 | Beauty and Style, Full Time Family | 27 comments

It wasn’t eight dollars exactly. But the title caught your attention, huh?
Since I am on such a plaid kick I just HAD to share with you the ensembles My Chickens wore for Thanksgiving! (I have been on a plaid kick as long as I can remember but REALLY so since last year when I made myself something for the first time… the skirt that made the cover of Where Women Cook!) Always on the lookout for a unqiue find I went to a garage sale this past summer around the corner from our house and bought a remnant of fabric that caught my eye… plaid… mais bien sur.
I have been sitting on it since then waiting to make something for My Chickens to wear for Thanksgiving… now that I think about it, I made the girls dresses last year for Thanksgiving too… in plaid! I didn’t want to take any chances without a pattern since I was working with a VERY limited amount a fabric. One bad design and my whole idea would be shot so I hit our horrendous new Super Wal(Hell)mart (there is nothing “super” about it except that it’s super gross) and bought some lame, Easy-Sew patterns.
Turns out I really did have enough fabric to make all four kids (Chickens) something to wear! And two headbands for the girls!
Aidan & Cousin Sofia
So far, I had spent $8.00 – here’s how much it cost to pull off the rest…Now, Aidan’s sweater is Janie and Jack. If you are going to buy retail and buy quality you gotta buy Janie and Jack. Regular price is outrageous but they have wonderful sale racks and I have found that the way their clothing is cut that my children have ALWAYS been able to get two to THREE years out of any particular piece. I’m serious. It’s so bizarre but it never fails. Aidan is six years old and that is the sweater he wore the Christmas when Amélie was born. You can just make their stuff work – it’s incredible. That sweater was a gift.
$ Free.
 The orange polo shirt is a neighborhood hand-me-down
$ Free.
 I am all about the hand-me-downs. I sort through the stuff that is totally not “us” and keep the basics.
Speaking of… those little shoes Julien is wearing are from a friends son who was a baby 11 years ago. They’ve been in a tub in my basement until this moment.
Now back to the girls for a moment.
What to do when it’s the day before Thanksgiving and you need tops? Why you pile the kids in the truck, say a prayer and head over to Target of course. I am always in need of solid color tops for the girls and on top of that, I love to dress them alike when I can.
I found these two cream color shirts, one in each their size on clearance…
$4.00 a piece! And cute to boot.

Now for the fascinators. Ever since the wedding this summer and the fun I had designing and making the girl’s hats and fascinators I have designed a hundred in my head. It all starts with an inspiration.

My sister’s wedding this summer.

What you probably can’t see is that on everyone’s piece of clothing I used the selvage edge of the fabric as the hem (I LOVE doing that) and on the little pocket on Julien’s romper I did not stitch the fabric under but left the left, right and bottom edges raw so they became all fringy and super cute. I decided to go with the whole raw, fringy, Chanel thing for the headbands… The only Chanel I wear is No. 5, but Coco Chanel and that particular look thru the years is a major source of inspiration in many of my personal clothing selections. Now, if only I was a rich, 110 pound ingenue who epitomized the look…I digress…


I love the gnarly rosettes and added the pearls at the last minute (at about midnight Wednesday night). After deciding they desperately needed pearls to cap of the Chanel thing I was considering cutting up a strand of my own and then I stumbled upon an old stretched out bracelet in my stash! JACK POT!

I KNEW there was a reason I never threw that piece of junk out!

Now for

Julien’s onesie and Juliette’s tights… What do you do when the theme is plaid with CREME and all you’ve got is white tights and a white Onsie???Why you bust out the tea and TEA STAIN of course!!!

Problem solved! Oh, Juliette’s navy blue Mary Janes are from the thrift shop, Striderite’s… never-been-worn. $2.00.

And Amélie’s brown boots are from that semi-annual swanky children’s resale thing I go to. Gymboree never-been-worn $9.00. So, shoes and all… what is that, like $29.00??!!!! Sa-weet~Here’s a few more pics…


Necessity is the mother of invention. A creative spirt MUST create. No matter how flat broke she is. Grab ahold of those crazy ideas in your head, whether it’s selling your house in a horrible market to find your dream farm or making an elusive plaid taffeta dress and go for it!!!   Keep on creating girls!Who knows what you will come up with next!!!


All the grandkids in our family.  My SIL makes those sweet knit headbands!  Have you seen her Butterbean shop?  Victoria is one of the most creative people I know.  Like the rest of us, if she had more time and more money… we’d all have to watch out!
Time for mashed potatoes!
SIL Victoria et Moi
Me and My Sisters!


  1. WhiteWhispers2u

    Great job! They are all darling. I know my Mother made all my clothes out of whatever she got her hands on.Back to basics, times are tough and nice to have $$$ for somethin fun or to eat healthy~Cheers Kim

  2. Heather's Blog-o-rama

    Those are some great deals on your kids outfits…and so creative and stylish, too. The head bands that your girls are wearing are also really stylish 🙂 🙂 I LOVE garage sales and LOVE a good deal. It looks like you scored some seriously cool stuff and great prices 🙂 Have a great week. Thanks for those words of inspiration. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  3. Ivy Clad

    Fantastic! I love a bargain. And one that looks this good is the cream on top. Kudos!


  4. Jenny

    This is completely awesome…I love,love deals and creative ingenuity…which you have in spades. You are your sisters look gorgeous and I just wanted to tell you that this weekend I am making your cutout cookies and going to usher in our joyous Christmas season with some baking family fun.

  5. Sherri

    I just love this post!!! Those outfits are just wonderful and adorable!! It just goes to show you how little some really wonderful clothes, etc. can cost!! Love it all!! Your children are all so cute!!

    You look so svelte with your sisters too!

  6. The Path Traveled

    Oh my, How beautiful. They are all so precious, your very blessed. The outfits are amazing and you outdid yourself. The mother in you has to be proud! Look at those smiles…

  7. Vickie

    Good job, young lady! Your babies are all dressed in style! Dressing for less CAN be done and still look dashing!

  8. Cottage Remnant

    I absolutely love it!!! Great Job…they look fantastic♥

  9. Bekki

    Last year I made my girls dresses out of velvet drapery panels. I paid 6 dollars for the panels and only used two. I then resold the other 4 at my yard sale this summer. Those dresses are my favorites so far! I felt a litte bit like Maria Von Trapp. 🙂

    Love the headbands so cute!

  10. Christi

    Absolutely STINKIN’ adorable – all of it – the ensembles AND the chickens. ADORABLE!!

  11. It's me

    You did a great job darling !! it all look so sweet…owww and you sweet children…..o my they look so cute !!…nice !!…you looking good darling !!! and so your sisters!!!…have a nice day…love from me…xxx…

  12. Stephanie

    Well done! They look adorable. Is it just me or do Juliette and Sophia resemble each other? So cute for cousins!

  13. Dorothy

    Your are the cleverest lady I know.
    Well that I know blogwise. Those children are so adorable and their clothes looks like very expensive outfits from a high dollar store, no name comes to mind, as I don’t shop at any of them myself.

  14. à la parisienne

    Bravo, Momma!
    I can’t imagine how expensive it would be to go buy coordinating outfits for 4 children! I always appreciate resourcefulness over limitless spending. I put our wardrobes (Amelia and mine)together the same way-yardsale/resale finds blended with thoughtful selections from nice stores. And I’m right with you on the shopping Janie and Jack’s clearance. Amelia is still wearing a camel colored knee lenghth sweater that she wore at 18months!!
    Beautiful job on your plaid ensembles…And I also get so irritated that fabric stores just don’t get with the program. It’s impossible to find the colors I want in any fabric! If I see any plaid taffeta, I’ll let you know.


  15. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Those are just gorgeous outfits! Lots of planning and forethought went into those, and you look so beautiful, too! Ang, you’re quite the seamstress these days, good for you!!

  16. Carrie

    That is very cool plaid. I love matching up my kiddos too!

  17. the cake chick

    That is some serious cute going on! I love it and the thrift, it feeds the soul. I feel so much more content when I make or do something like that. To engage…it feels good. Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas.

  18. STORIES Photography

    Oh my good grief, this is just too darling …

    And I can’t believe how Sofia’s and even the 3 sistas outfits all matched.

    She shoots … and scores!

    Aunt Julee

  19. Janelle - The Farmer's Wife


    I love being thrifty!!!! I love that I can find Citizens of Humanity jeans for $40 at local thrift store and an awesome J Crew sweater at Goodwill for less than $5!!!

    I love making clothes for my kids, too…AND they love wearing the homemade stuff!!!

    Keep it up, girl!!!

  20. Renata

    Oh I just have to tell you that when your title of this post came up on my blogroll it made me smile ~ love the …fashionably!! Well you’ve definitely pulled it off ~ I love the matching outfits you made & I love that you care about the details. I asked my hubby if we could have matching outfits for the family for Christmas, but sadly he said ” no way” ~ hmmmm… so I’m thinking maybe not too matching, but I could like accidently put the children & myself in complimentary colours 🙂
    Keep on creating my friend & I hope the house sale goes well!

  21. Deanna

    Your children looks adorable!
    The pics are wonderful Good job.

    I look forward to seeing your new place!!! Excited for you.

    God bless,

  22. Jeri Landers

    What wonderful little sweethearts all dressed in plaid. I just wanna hug em all!

  23. Karen Platner

    O.K, that was fun to read. When my kids were small (1980’s-90’s) I spent no more than $10 on any clothing item..that was my max. Fortunately I could sew. Several years go I made my granddaughter a beautiful grey wool smocked coat for less than $10, the most expensive things on it were the buttons, I figured I could pay full price for them since I spent a grand total of $3 on the wool & lining at a yard sale…I love it! Your “chickens” are charming.

  24. Kathleen Botsford

    Yes the outfits are fabulous but ……I cannot believe I’m going to say this….those are the sweetest, most adorable little ones ever! Please don’t tell my brood I said this but oh my golly you have beautiful children! Enjoy and savor each and every disappearing moment!


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