Because after an odd, not typical morning of 3 pee accidents on the floor Aidan just came running in and announced that he had to make poo-pees and then proceeded to take a Daddy size dump in his little toilet – his first!

I think he just made my week I am so happy!
I think it’s time for some Momma Time based upon my response to this event.  Hopefully an hour in Andres chair will do the trick this evening.  
Big Daddy and Aidan are going on a date to a new giant sporting goods store that supposedly has an Aquarium – all Aidan is talking about all week is going to see “les poissons” and I have a date with my extremely talented, ridiculously expensive (I only go about 5 times a year) and very “happy” hairdresser.
I promise I will restrain myself and NOT share the news about Aidan’s accomplishment of the morning.  I don’t want to be that  Mom – I’ll save that for you ladies!