Clearly at the amount of Elation this Brought Me I Only Have One Child (out of the womb that is…)

Dec 5, 2007 | On Motherhood | 7 comments

Because after an odd, not typical morning of 3 pee accidents on the floor Aidan just came running in and announced that he had to make poo-pees and then proceeded to take a Daddy size dump in his little toilet – his first!

I think he just made my week I am so happy!
I think it’s time for some Momma Time based upon my response to this event.  Hopefully an hour in Andres chair will do the trick this evening.  
Big Daddy and Aidan are going on a date to a new giant sporting goods store that supposedly has an Aquarium – all Aidan is talking about all week is going to see “les poissons” and I have a date with my extremely talented, ridiculously expensive (I only go about 5 times a year) and very “happy” hairdresser.
I promise I will restrain myself and NOT share the news about Aidan’s accomplishment of the morning.  I don’t want to be that  Mom – I’ll save that for you ladies! 


  1. cityfarmer

    And how was the sporting goods store…halfway expected to see them at my doorstep lonesome and hungry…

  2. N.M. Owen

    Give heed, closely. Victoria and I have another “100% authentic labour inducer” for you.

    But we’re afraid to show you, because – no lie – we’re actually scared that you might go into labor.

    We have been sitting at the kitchen table for two days, or rather, intermittently falling off of kitchen chairs and rolling on the kitchen floor, gasping for breath and praying for it to stop, at the most ridiculous, crude, and sophomoric piece of video comedy conceivable.

    We have, forthwith, abandoned all standards of taste, sophistication and refinement in order to proudly, and unabashedly proclaim this the funniest thing anyone has ever seen… and we, its willing and grateful converts.

    We want to send it to you, but we’re seriously scared of a medical emergency.

    This is driving us crazy.

    Please tell us you can handle it (if you can) so we can end this tortuous silence.


  3. HomemakerAng

    It could be any day now!!! Please keep us posted and you are in my prayers… You can do it! xoxoxo

  4. N.M. Owen

    I’m telling you, I want a guarantee that I’m not going to be to blame for any medical emergencies that might result from you laughing this hard.

    Do you think I jest!?

    I think we better wait till after PR2.


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