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We’re in the THICK of the continued kitchen demo and I’m busy restyling it as best I can so it feels tolerable during this whole process. As I said in Friday’s video (which you can watch here), it will get worse before it gets better.

Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, we’ve begun to tear out the floor. Plank by plank we will take it out, remove the nails, sand the boards, and try to use them somewhere else in the house. The attic bedrooms are good candidates because they have painted plywood floors, but so is my bathroom, also with a plywood floor… we’ll see.

When projects are supercharged like this one, two YouTube videos a week can be an impossible task so can we rest today in my conservatory together?

Did you know…

The French call a conservatory a jardin’hiver and isn’t that just the dreamiest name, literally meaning winter garden?

It’s time for me to start my seedlings for the garden and I’m so blessed to have this space, especially in these long stretches of interior chaos and exterior gray skies.

I fell in love with this idea of a conservatory YEARS ago when I visited the Opryland Hotel for the first time. I had never experienced anything like that before and was smitten with the idea of an oasis in the home. (One year we stayed there our hotel room had a balcony that opened to the conservatory, I about lost my mind it was so enchanting). Many years later, when visiting New Orleans we (Shaye and I) stayed in a French Quarter mansion that had an interior courtyard with that same utterly magical vibe…. Humid, tropical, crusty, mossy… it ticked ALL THE BOXES.

That mansion courtyard was a major inspiration for my own ‘jardin d’hiver’. It was that inspiration that propelled me to make our greenhouse space something more than utilitarian. We did that huge makeover, brink-n-all in 2023, and in today’s video I’m sharing that and ALL my special moments in my jardin d’hiver. I hope this video ticks ALL the boxes for you. Dreamy music, seeds, flowers sparkly snow, demo day, faux finish techniques, and more.

I wish I could cue the Henri Salvador for you in today’s YouTube video (alas, those pesky copyright laws) but, allow me to share with you my Chroniques Jardin d’Hiver?

Thank you for being here for this beautiful pause in the conservatory and we’ll come back to kitchen remodeling very soon!