What a fun weekend we had!

It was the weekend of our annual French Farmhouse Christmas Tour, and after so many years of doing them, I wanted to give it a bit of a different spin, so I issued a Treasure Hunt list of items to be found during the video. The idea was the first person to email me with the correct answers would win a gift card to my Shoppe.

Emails began to come in shortly after the video premiered Friday evening, but the first one to come in with all 25 correct answers was from Lindsay Zook at 10:04 pm! Congratulations! You got them all right, incredible! (Check your email, darling!)

This was too much fun, and so much fun to see all the new faces in the OLD WORLD DESIGN SOCIETY (shameless plug coming). Our December design Q and A call is tonight, and we’ve got some great design challenges to tackle.

You should give it a try. This week, you can try the Design Society free for a week RIGHT HERE.

If you love interior decorating, flea markets, and antique collections but want to know how to incorporate all your passions into a tasteful, well-designed home using interior design elements and principles that withstand decorating trends then we are your people:)

Not everyone can afford an interior designer, but with the Society, you’ll have daily access to a private forum full of people just like you who are posting their projects, questions, and ideas. Everything from paint colors to thrift store scores.

Each Monday, I issue a Design Challenge to help you stretch your creativity, we meet live for coffee every Friday morning, and once a month (which is what we are doing tonight), you can send me your design questions for whatever you are working on in your home, and I’ll answer those questions during our live design Q and A call.

I know with social media, it’s easy to just take ideas IN, but in the OWDS, we encourage actual application of ideas and celebrate our results together.

Interior design school is amazing, not everyone can do that. Not everyone can afford a designer either, but I want you to join us today and become your home’s best interior designer. Did you know Joanna Gaines has NO formal interior design education? You can train your eye and improve your skills, and you can apply timeless design principles to your home. Check out us here.

In the Society, we encourage friendships, not competition, so let’s congratulate Lindsay Zook on her keen, observant eye and the fun she’ll get to have in the Shoppe. See you tonight in the Society, over on Insta every day, and on Youtube again this week!

As always, you’re appreciated. Have a lovely week.