Christmas Letter 2005 – For Those of You Who’s Copy is Probably Under the Front Seat of My Car

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(Better late than never…) 20 December 2005

Dear Family and Friends,
I had the perfect letter going and then my computer went berserk so let’s see what I can come up with now that I am in a GREAT mood…

Dear Family and Friends,
While every year changes our life forever this year was life changing!
We spent the first half preparing for our P.R. and spending our last moments together as just “Ang and Joel.” And while the pregnancy was a little less than a picnic it was even more incredible then I could have ever imagined. Creating life, carrying life and delivering it are truly gifts from God. If one has felt life stir in a belly and still doubts the existence of God…well, you will pardon me if I count him as a fool.
After gardening like there wouldn’t be another chance to for months (there hardly would) during the first few days of June we were ready for our P.R. I cut a bouquet out of what was left of our beautiful magenta peonies, placed them at my bedside and waited for our controversial and much anticipated home birth. I knew it could begin at any moment. It was June 5th. One day before D-day.
P.R. started to announce his arrival that afternoon and boy did he let us know. So much for “early labor.” He was comin’ round the mountain…or so we thought. 28-natural-child-birth-hours later (9:52 p.m. the following day) we welcomed our darling Petit Reed into the world at a hospital in Chicago. Chicago? Yes. Chicago. Doctor says “no reason” why the next one can’t come at home. I WILL get my home birth but this time it was better this way.
We named our beautiful baby Aidan Lloyd. Aidan to match his Momma’s “A” and Lloyd after his beloved Great Grammpa. I insisted I wanted to go home the next morning and we were rolling out by 1:00 in the afternoon. Off to our fairy tale.
Aidan Lloyd, Joel and I bonded big time for almost two weeks. Visitors were ‘nil if any and Joel waited on us hand and foot. On day 11 snuggling on the couch I felt that something was wrong with Aidan. After just 11 days I could tell he wasn’t “himself.” Within 60 minutes we found ourselves in the E.R. with a walnut sized heart racing along at 300 beats per minute. 300? Yes. 300. By now you know the story. He is going to be all right, he may by the grace of God even grow out of it in a few years.
So many exclamations ring thru my mind as I wander over this past year.
“I see hair!”
“Come on Ang, you can do it!”
“It’s a boy!”
“Oh, Joel, it’s our P.R.!”
But perhaps the one that I have clung to the most consists of two little but oh-so-beautiful words…
Those are the words Aidan’s cardiologist said to us as he walked into our room in the P.I.C.U. at Lutheran General the morning after our first ordeal. The cords, I.V,s. blood tests, the monitors, medications, the hours waiting for them to figure out what was wrong…none of that mattered! Hallelujah…Aidan’s condition is “NOT FATAL!”
That is what I want to share with you. Your condition. My condition…is NOT FATAL! I did not bare my son and love my son in vain and neither did God send His Son to earth in vain. We celebrate Christmas…the ultimate gift; that of a child who grew to be a man. A man who died on our behalf and who rose again. Thus conquering death 3 days later.
“NOT FATAL” is what He wants you to know this season. Life is NOT FATAL. The simple act of accepting His gift of what He did for us on the cross ensures that.
So, while everyone bickers over two-word expressions this year…Holiday Tree, Happy Holidays…remember these two important words…NOT FATAL!
Oh, and of course Merry Christmas!
With Much Affection,
Joel, Angela J. & Aidan Lloyd Reed

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