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It almost pains me to talk about Christmas… I have so “moved on” and we are in the full swing of Homeschooling again and cleaning out drawers and closets, planning gardens and dreaming of spring but I just had to share my fav’s from Christmas (not including those I already posted of LeeLee’s Birthday)… I figure it’s not in bad taste… since the Epiphany has not been celebrated yet.  How fond these memories are for me… with three chickens around the tree it’s starting to feel like the big family I have wanted my entire life… just to see them, so excited, helps me remember how magical the time of year really is in the eyes of a child… the kids slept by the tree on Amélie’s birthday, Christmas Eve… I thought they were going to burst with pleasure… the wonderful times we had on our individual “dates” with them… I can’t believe I forgot to include those photos in the slideshow… Aidan’s joy over a new set of homemade pajamas… Juliette’s first Christmas and that of my darling, darling niece Sofia too.
These memories are treasures for my heart.