How in the world has it been three years?
Three years since she was born, in the bathroom, midwife on speakerphone, into her daddy’s arms?
Amélie Joelene.
 Named after our favorite movie and her Big Daddy; Joel.
This little girl is a DE-LIGHT.
A little chunk from the day she was born… I am so glad she still has those sweet little “bracelets” on her arms!
She’s sassy, spunky and oh so sweet.
Pottytrained herself at 16 months… that’s about the time she began speaking full sentences…
Her latest, “And WHO put these dustbunnies on my floor?”
She loves fashion to the point that it’s hilarious… she goes out in public in her faux fur coat and a vintage pill box hat. She has NEVER been able to fit into jeans so skirts have been a staple for her… She is UBER feminine and always carries a purse. Honestly, you giggle just looking at her.
She stops traffic.
How in the world will I teach her to be strong & feisty, graceful and yet still a lady (when I have never considered myself one!)? It will be by the grace of God. In the meantime the pressure is on as I see her wanting to imitate my every move… she even asked for a sewing machine for her birthday.
Of course, I’m her Momma but I’m no dummy. She is a stunning child… but all that aside… she is loving, HILARIOUS, goofy, articulate, affectionate… and when I tuck her in at night she whispers, “Je t’aime.”
After she prays to her “Heavenly Daddy.”
How in the world I was seen as fit by God to be blessed to mother this little wonder is beyond me. But I love her so.
Where has three years gone? And if it hurts this bad now, how will I fair in a decade?
I love you Amélie.
Happy Birthday.


She was so thrilled to be able to wear the dress I made last year again this year! Me too after all that work!



I had so much fun doing this cake!
A line from Madeleine in the original French version worked perfectly for her cake!
Translated: “One fine morning Miss Clavel said, Happy Birthday Amélie.” In French “dis” is pronounced “dee” – so it rhythms!
And every precious girl deserves a visit from Madeleine on her birthday… even if it is her crazy Momma in her gardening hat with a black ribbon, her blue vintage swing coat and her ALIAS red wig from Halloween a few years back!


Peeking as she ripped!
A “Miss Kitty” sewing machine.
“Miss Kitty” has been a nickname for LeeLee for a couple years now, and these days she is a Hello Kitty nut but calls her Miss Kitty cause she doesn’t know any better.


I want to thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for reading and commenting on ParisienneFarmgirl this past year.
It has been too much fun.
I am going to take a little 5-10 day break as I plan our next homeschooling semester and just wind down now that the Holidays are done. I also hinted about working on a big project last week concerning my time in Paris in 2004. Hope to get some work done on that too… can’t wait to share it with you.
Many blessings to you and yours, I will be back soon, revved up for another year of rants, sappy motherhood stories and hopefully lots of inspiration.
Heaven knows YOU all inspire me!
PLEASE don’t forget to check back in after the New Year!
A bientôt!