My Christmas Baby

Dec 27, 2010 | Full Time Family | 33 comments

How in the world has it been three years?
Three years since she was born, in the bathroom, midwife on speakerphone, into her daddy’s arms?
Amélie Joelene.
 Named after our favorite movie and her Big Daddy; Joel.
This little girl is a DE-LIGHT.
A little chunk from the day she was born… I am so glad she still has those sweet little “bracelets” on her arms!
She’s sassy, spunky and oh so sweet.
Pottytrained herself at 16 months… that’s about the time she began speaking full sentences…
Her latest, “And WHO put these dustbunnies on my floor?”
She loves fashion to the point that it’s hilarious… she goes out in public in her faux fur coat and a vintage pill box hat. She has NEVER been able to fit into jeans so skirts have been a staple for her… She is UBER feminine and always carries a purse. Honestly, you giggle just looking at her.
She stops traffic.
How in the world will I teach her to be strong & feisty, graceful and yet still a lady (when I have never considered myself one!)? It will be by the grace of God. In the meantime the pressure is on as I see her wanting to imitate my every move… she even asked for a sewing machine for her birthday.
Of course, I’m her Momma but I’m no dummy. She is a stunning child… but all that aside… she is loving, HILARIOUS, goofy, articulate, affectionate… and when I tuck her in at night she whispers, “Je t’aime.”
After she prays to her “Heavenly Daddy.”
How in the world I was seen as fit by God to be blessed to mother this little wonder is beyond me. But I love her so.
Where has three years gone? And if it hurts this bad now, how will I fair in a decade?
I love you Amélie.
Happy Birthday.


She was so thrilled to be able to wear the dress I made last year again this year! Me too after all that work!



I had so much fun doing this cake!
A line from Madeleine in the original French version worked perfectly for her cake!
Translated: “One fine morning Miss Clavel said, Happy Birthday Amélie.” In French “dis” is pronounced “dee” – so it rhythms!
And every precious girl deserves a visit from Madeleine on her birthday… even if it is her crazy Momma in her gardening hat with a black ribbon, her blue vintage swing coat and her ALIAS red wig from Halloween a few years back!


Peeking as she ripped!
A “Miss Kitty” sewing machine.
“Miss Kitty” has been a nickname for LeeLee for a couple years now, and these days she is a Hello Kitty nut but calls her Miss Kitty cause she doesn’t know any better.


I want to thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for reading and commenting on ParisienneFarmgirl this past year.
It has been too much fun.
I am going to take a little 5-10 day break as I plan our next homeschooling semester and just wind down now that the Holidays are done. I also hinted about working on a big project last week concerning my time in Paris in 2004. Hope to get some work done on that too… can’t wait to share it with you.
Many blessings to you and yours, I will be back soon, revved up for another year of rants, sappy motherhood stories and hopefully lots of inspiration.
Heaven knows YOU all inspire me!
PLEASE don’t forget to check back in after the New Year!
A bientôt!


  1. Rachel

    ~*~*Darling little birthday girl!!~*~Hugs,Rachel~*~*

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  2. Susan

    Your little girl is, indeed, a real beauty. She is so very precious. I can see where your heart would fill to the very brim with love for her. May all of your family be blessed throughout the new year. Thank you for sharing photos of your very precious treasure. Susan

  3. Brynwood Needleworks

    Your little Amelie is adorable. I can just imagine her in her little fur coat, pillbox hat and purse!

    Many blessing from our family to yours in the new year. Love, happiness and good health.


  4. Selina

    She is soooo gorgous!! What a beautiful gift for you at christmas.
    Thank-you for your blog, it is such a pleasure to be able to read it. I hope you enjoy your time ‘off’.
    Have a great new year,

  5. Lylah Ledner

    So very precious…..your family is lovely!

    xoxo lylah

  6. Kalee

    Bon Anniversaire Mlle. Amelie!

    Angela, she is indeed a blessing! I love reading your little Amelie moments because it makes me hopeful that raising a little girl (hopefully someday) to be a little lady and faithful to Our Father is possible in this crazy world. She is a gorgeous little thing!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy a quiet time until after the new year.

  7. Priscilla

    Oh, she is so adorable. My first born was a little butterball. She was so cute, just like your little one. She is now 43 and I love her and wonder where the days went. I remember the day she was born and can’t believe it was that long ago.
    Just enjoy every day. It will go so fast.
    Have a good rest and plan some wonderful exciting lessons.
    I’m looking forward to more adventures from my favorite blogger.

  8. cityfarmer

    one gram here,

    I believe her entrance in to this world stamped out the beginning of her charming aura. Fiesty …. I don’t need “no” midwife … kinda like dressing herself, and potty training since she was … how old?

    Lee, (my affectionate nickname), is a delight and a surprise. She is full of life and the love of simple things and small moments.

    Her eyes smile, she speaks her mind, and has that “care” for others at this young age already …

    she’s hers mama’s daughter, to be sure!
    She is loved beyond human words
    and I’m loving being her “one gram.”

  9. A Cottage Muse

    Oh what an angel! Happy Birthday Amelie!! And thank you for the memories ~ my daughter just LOVED Madeline when she was little! I can’t wait to show her this post!

  10. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style

    What a precious child. She is just adorable and the dress you made is gorgeous. I did not know you were Savvy City Farmer’s daughter. Happy Birthday to your precious daughter and Happy New Year!

  11. " SHABBY JUNK"

    Such a beautiful child. I am sure she fills your days with joy. judy

  12. Theanne...

    I enjoy your pictures and your words…visiting you and your family is incredibly fun!

    Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

  13. Alice

    Oh she’s a sweet little darling! I can just picture her with a purse and a pill box hat!

    I have no doubt you will raise her to be strong yet loving and kind. And yes, the ache only gets stronger as they grow to be amazing adults, and move away to college. But the ache in your heart shares the space with pride.

    Happy New Year!

  14. Beth Hazelton

    Oh…I am in tears! What a beautiful tribute to your darling daughter! I swear, you are the Mom all of us strive to be…God bless you and your beautiful family. I can’t wait to see you in the New Year!

  15. Stephanie

    She really is a stunning child. I have enjoyed watching her grow up through your posts. I can’t believe it’s been three years either! What a special little girl.

    I love the cake too!

  16. claudia b

    joyeux anniversaire chere Amelie!

  17. Mac n' Janet

    How lucky you are and how quickly they grow. Enjoy!

  18. Ann at eightacresofeden

    My son was also born into his daddy’s arms in the bathroom the week before Christmas – That was 11 years ago. Your girl is just so sweet. I think it is lovely that she loves feminine clothes and I can see this will be a lifelong love – that’s good! I’ve just bought my twin girls blouses from France – they still call them blouses and not shirts!
    Enjoy your plans and preparations for the new year .. look forward to all your posts in 2011.

  19. WhiteWhispers2u

    Simply Beautiful! What a Blessing Sweet lil Girl! I have three and it goes so fast, don’t blink you will miss it.Enjoy & Happy Holidays

    ~Cheers Kim

  20. Deb

    Just adorable little chubby arms, the first thing I noticed after that curly head of hair! She looks like a model for someone trying to make a baby doll!! Such a good momma you are to character dress AND bake a favorite cake.

  21. Joannah

    Happy birthday, Amelie! You are such a precious little girl.

    Angela, I started reading your blog when Amelie was born. Some other blog that I was following at the time had a link to your exciting news. I was hooked immediately on your down-to-earth perspective and faith.

  22. Anne Marie

    Happy Birthday Amelie!!! from all of us here on the farm-


  23. à la parisienne

    Bon Anniversaire, Petite Amélie!
    Quel mignon gâteau d’anniversaire! Et bien sûr, j’aime beaucoup les cheveux roux comme Madeleine!


  24. Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig

    Happy Birthday, Amélie!

    I have so loved seeing her grow up this past year, what an exceptional little human you are raising, Angela!

    Love you all,

  25. Carole

    Bon Anniversaire Amelie!
    She is truly a treasure. My heart fills with joy just seeing her in photos. I can’t imagine the spell she’d have on me in person.
    The photos of her decorating the cookies were just too precious!


  26. Josephine Rose

    Beautiful! Love those arms:) As I watch my own chickens grow up, I wonder how I can stand not having the baby/child years again.

    Enjoy your break and Happy New Year!


  27. Jenny

    Happy Birthday….what a gift! She is beautiful and looks like a delight. Happy New Year and thank you for sharing…so much and for the ingenious inspiration you put out in blogland always mingling with Good, sweet TRUTH!

  28. Renata

    Hi Angela
    Your daughter is just beautiful – I was going to say how much I love her dress & then read that you made it – well done – it’s absolutely stunning & suits her so much! I hope she had a very happy birthday – sounds like she had an interesting birth story! I love her little rolly polly arms – my sister had legs like that & now she’s incredibly slim & beautiful (she got the good genetics grrr…).
    I hope you have a wonderful New Year with your family & had a great Christmas! Looking forward to seeing what your new project is!

  29. Ellen

    What a delightful post and Precious Baby Girl!! Just love her!! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday Precious!

  30. Queen of Dreamsz

    Hi Angela,

    What a cutie patootie precious soul she is!! Oh my gosh, just tickled my funny bone hearing about her love for fashion. You’re a great mom…for you are letting her develop into the free spirit that she obviously insists on being. :0)

    Let her “stop traffic” all of her life! hee hee

    Just precious…

    Happy New Year to you!

    Embellish Your Life,
    Stephanie ♥

    PS: If you need any help coding your blog button that you want to make just let me know. It’s not difficult but can be confusing… it took me forever to decide on the design I wanted. :0)

  31. kerrie

    She is a doll. And I love her name. I did not know she was a Christmas baby. Both of my daughter’s are Christmas babies. My first was born the day after Christmas *holly noel*. The second born on Christmas on the side of the road, my husband delivered her, with the emb.cord wrapped around her neck twice..he had to unwrap..she did not cry so we didn’t know if she was alive..until I put my finger in her mouth…*grace elisabeth* the tiniest baby out of my four. It is the best gift ever to receive a baby for Christmas!

    I love the photos of you with your sweetie. She looks like you!

  32. Jamie B

    Old Centennial Farmhouse’s daughter here:

    She is beyond ADORABLE!!! I love the cake too! Great job making it. I love your blog, and I would like to thank you for the words of encouragement you passed along thru my momma. I am so glad I will be staying at home now with my little man. Keep up with Le blog merveilleux ! Je l’aime !


  33. Molly @ Star Cottage

    Happy Birthday Amelie! WOW! She is just scrumptious! You are incredibly Blessed! What a fun Momma you are! My girls adore Madeline! Maybe you could make a trip to our house too 😉


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