Chicken Run… The Movie

Chicken Run
 is one of My Chickens favorite movies to watch on our “Friday Night, Movie Night” 

— it is funny and in the style of the hilarious and totally charming Shaun the Sheep 

and the classic Wallis and Grommit.

Three Saturdays ago we made our own chicken run… My and the kids (My Chickens) and what fun it was!!  I have to tell you… as a Momma, to be exposing my kids to these corny, fun experiences is quite a trip.  I tried explaining to them that their friends don’t get to build bonfires every afternoon and drive out to the middle of nowhere on a Saturday morning to load up their Suburban with poultry!  

These are our adventures.

These are the days.

It’s been three weeks, and quite frankly, not at all convenient… on nights when our necks and backs just can’t handle the air mattresses at the farm we sleep at our home “in town” but we have to drive out to the farm at the end of the day to lock them up and give them fresh water.  Ugh.  

Now accepting gas card donations.
I swear, we are totally gas poor these last six weeks.  

But the egg count goes up every day (the birds are young) and today we got 12 eggs!  (We have 16 birds).

So, here are some clips of our chicken run to go get 
“The Half Way Hens”
or “Les Poules de (la?) Ferme a Mi-Chemin”

Yes… even though the translation does not work for us meaning that our farm is “half way to our dreams of our OWN farm someday” (remember, we are renting)… we have decided to go with “a mi-chemin” because our farm is located half way down the road we are on and that is closer to the literal translationplus, it sounds fricken awesome 🙂

Here is my silly phonetic example for the non-French speakers…
“La Fairm ah mee sh-men”

Yea, yea… I said “Barred” wrong

Love it when you snap at your kid on video don’t you???  
Keepin’ it real.

Enjoy — I do have more videos… some crazy ones… but ugh… it’s the sound of my own voice you know???

13 thoughts on “Chicken Run… The Movie”

  1. Y’all are adorable! So excited for you! We tell our (homeschooled country) boys the same thing – their life is not everyone’s normal. They, and we, are blessed to be living the life we do.

    Please share the rest of the videos – your voice is great! xo

  2. We don’t mind your voice one bit…actually we like it. Bring on the videos! I loved watching these. Can’t wait till we get chicks in the Spring. P.S.(I adore Shawn the Sheep and plan on buying the whole series for my kiddos. So funny!)

  3. We adore our chic chicks. They have been in a molting period but have gotten all their feathers back now and are so fluffy and pretty. Started laying again last week and you would have thought it was Christmas morning when I discovered two fresh eggs in the boxes. With 16 girls you will enjoy a lot of eggs. 🙂

  4. Girl! The videos were!!!! I LOVED hearing your voice…primarily b/c it is so darn Midwestern…I’m with ya girl! And can I share a personal failure…I could be as sweet as pie to my 3rd graders when they were naughty/annoying/frustrating me, but then come home and snap at my 18-month old! aaargh! It was then that I new I need to step away from the classroom! LOL (I still snap…at three of them now!) Oh…and another favorite line from video three…”I need to go get the pizza soon.” AMEN! 😉


  5. random fact: that movie was a loose version of The Great Escape, my husband and my aiden’s favorite movie ever. it’s a must see if you haven’t! the girls look good and the kids are too cute. and i’m glad to see my aiden isn’t the only chicken terrorizer;)

  6. A proper French Hen, or a Spring Chicken for that matter, must have reference to this latest news on chapeaus and combs from Agrarian Nation Blog, of yesterday, at this Link:
    Further, to my surprise, when looking up the derivation of ‘on a wild goose chase,’ and expecting to see an actual video, I find this wonderful play based on Hans Christian Anderson:

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