Mom and I have been little planning maniacs…
Between Shop the Shed,
Fifi’s upcoming book signing and of course,
Little Sisters Bridal Shower!!!
It was beautiful and I am breathing a sigh of relief to check another event off the list!
Chels, like her big sister loves “Tiffany Blue”  so that was our starting point… then I found this inspiration photo online…
Moss? – Check
Macaron Tower?- Check
Birch bark? – Check
Totally inspired?
 Nine batches of macarons in 
Tiffany Blue/Coconut/with light gold dust
Teal/Lemon Curd – with hand painted edible gold “C”s for “Chelsea”
Cream/Hazelnut/with heavy gold dust

 I have made about 6 macaron towers in the last year, trial and error, getting the balance and placement right… though I am not yet using a marzipan cake for my structure a-la-Ladurée I am really, really pleased with how they are coming out.  I stood back after the first few layers and had to snap this photo I was so excited.   I hope to be making some for Fifi’s upcoming book signing – she is after all, a REAL Parisienne!
 It took about six months of trying but I have perfected my macarons.  They are full and chewy inside (not hollow), the feet, les pieds, are almost perfect – they really aren’t supposed to “stick out” the sides.  Rather they are to stack straight under the cookie.  But after tweaking my oven temps, finding a pan to cook them all evenly, etc. I no longer have “macaron disasters” like I did the first few months as I spent that time experimenting with different ingredients and techniques.  I am a perfectionist and I want them to look and taste just like they were made by a Parisian pastry chef – you can’t make a flat, ugly hunk of bread and call it a French Baguette just ’cause it tastes like one – the same with macarons.  They have very specific characteristics – it’s not just about the taste.  
 The gift-
Teal rubber gloves, Tiffany blue floral apron, Teal specialty garden spade and two Tiffany blue made in Portugal stoneware casserole dishes – for a Domestic Goddess in Training.  The flowers are from last years garden and the doily is from my huge stash of vintage paper doilies.  Perfect for sweet treats and little love notes.
 The party favors!
 Mom and I wandered Geneva a couple weeks ago and she found these DARLING teal tweed birds that she TOTALLY tricked out to look like “Bird and Wife”.  Vintage ribbon and millenary flowers for the brides ensemble.
The hat is a wooden knob that Mom had in her stash from an old dresser, the bowtie – a silk ribbon.
 The bar – avant punch poured but here is my “everyone loves it” punch recipe for your next gig:
Equal parts Ginger Ale and Champagne with lots of scoops of floating Raspberry Sherbet to keep it cold!
 The desert table and food table in the back ground.  The beautiful house is my Aunt Ruth’s – she loves to host the showers since our old homes are a little chopped up for visually entertaining large groups.  She hosted mine, my sister-in-laws and now my sisters.
 When we do a shower here is our standard faire:
-Homemade chicken salad with grapes
-Banana bread/Focacia
-Fresh Fruit

It’s affordable, lovely and the guests feel very treated. 
 Aunt Ruth did the breads, Mom made the chicken salad and my darling cousins arranged all the plates – they did a lovely job.
I couldn’t resist another photo!
 I won’t bore you with too many family photos but darned if my girls didn’t look just precious that day!  Left to right – Our Guest of Honor, Chelsea (little sister by ten years) Amélie, Juliette and Moi.
 Chelsea and SIL Victoria
 The gorgeous soon to be Bride and Flower Girl!
Aunt Ruth has a nice big yard that the kids rambled around – I swear I need a farm for those sweet Chickens!  Sigh.
All in all we got the look we wanted for the budget we had set.  A “look” has been set too as the wedding invitation has a similar look to our Chic, Woodland, shower…
Now wait ’til you see the wedding!