Hopefully that is correct French for, “Let’s Change the Subject”
Alors, A breath of Paris preserves the soul. 
While a fanciful statement, I need a B.O. break. How about a look at me experiementing with my new camera lens…et tous mes Tour Eiffels.

A vintage watercolor given to me by my beloved cousine Jennifer.  I can’t imagine how she might have liked to keep if for herself.
An old earring from High School attached to my chandelier.

2000 Trip – yes, me with Madonna blonde/red hair.  Yikes.

2000 Trip.  Cluching Joel in sheer excitement.  My first moments in her presence.

My desktop collection in black and white.

Another grouping.  This one I got at “Epcot” in their mini “France”

My desktop collection in color.  Oui, some of those are antique pencil sharpeners.