Hopefully that is correct French for, “Let’s Change the Subject”
Alors, A breath of Paris preserves the soul. 
While a fanciful statement, I need a B.O. break. How about a look at me experiementing with my new camera lens…et tous mes Tour Eiffels.

A vintage watercolor given to me by my beloved cousine Jennifer.  I can’t imagine how she might have liked to keep if for herself.
An old earring from High School attached to my chandelier.

2000 Trip – yes, me with Madonna blonde/red hair.  Yikes.

2000 Trip.  Cluching Joel in sheer excitement.  My first moments in her presence.

My desktop collection in black and white.

Another grouping.  This one I got at “Epcot” in their mini “France”

My desktop collection in color.  Oui, some of those are antique pencil sharpeners.


  1. Victoria

    You are really getting good. These pictures make your house- that I have seen many times- come alive. I feel like it’s the first time I’ve noticed these little details.

    ps. I’m with you.. new topic… check out my super cute cooking blog!

  2. Anonymous

    I just got back from Paris and it was my very first trip there. I was amazed and fascinated with the beauty of Paris. I now understand what all the fuss is about!

    Stephanie H.

  3. Joannah

    I have a small ET collection, too. My first trip to France was three years ago. I loved every minute of it.

  4. cityfarmer

    My first trip to Paris was…oh wait, I’ve not been there yet……

    and oh yes, your house has come to life.

    The Christmas party will rock

  5. Lisette

    Bonjour mademoiselle Parisienne 🙂
    Nice blog…Paris is always a very beautiful theme…”Changeons le subjet” should read ” Changeons le sujet” and “merci pour le visite” should read “merci pour la visite”(visite being feminine)Please do not take offense at the corrections I’ve just made. I’m French and I’m always very proud when people try and learn this beautiful language…and although I’m fully bilingual, I do make my share of spelling mistakes in English. Au revoir et merci de votre hospitalité *-*


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