So, no.  
I am sorry to say I didn’t find a REAL Chanel dress yesterday while out garage saleing.
That’s just not going to happen around here… perhaps the occasional sun-yellowed bottle of No. 5 but never a Chanel frock…

 I found myself so inspired (once again by a post of A-la-Parisienne’s) about “From me to You” especially when I read that most of the clothing featured was from Thrift Stores.
 I LOVE combining vintage and thrift store clothing with new…I have been doing so since I was twelve years old.  
And so, I could not resist this little black number I found at a garage sale for THREE DOLLARS… (I paid TWO!).  The black lace (over a nude slip), the accordion pleats and the sort of drop waist made me think it could make a fun little Chanel inspired dress by adding hoards of opera length pearls and perhaps a little black rosette up by the strap (I couldn’t find mine for the photo).
I put it on “L’ autre moi” and was stunned to remember what I look like in “real life”.  You never feel thin until you are pregnant and look back on photo or dress form sized to your regular size.  It’s like when you thought you were “fat” in high school and you look back thinking “Oh good grief, why wasn’t I appreciative???”.  
There is no real quality to the dress but it sure reminded me of Madmoiselle!
Wonder what I’ll find next weekend?
Real Chanel.
Real Chanel.
My faux Chanel…

Never underestimate a tag sale…
On ne jamais sais!