In the midst of the laughter I was always sickened when FRIENDS would make a porn joke. “Porn Joke.” It’s an oximoron.

Today it has come to my attention that yet another marriage has been ruined (in part) by the perversion of porn.
These days we don’t watch FRIENDS- we watch Dancing with the Stars and this morning we were saddened to hear that the supposedly happy marriage of Sara Evans is coming to an end. “They” say she will be dropping off of Dancing with the Stars to focus on picking of the horrible broken pieces and I am sure to comfort her children who have been subjected to the smut that her husband brought into their house. The details are even too much for the Parisienne Farmhouse.

Porn needs to be outlawed. Bottom line. Yes, that’s what I said,


“But what about “art”?
Can’t you hear it now how people (the A.C.L.U.) would freak out if someone tried to ban porn. People having sex with each other (and Lord knows who, and what else) is NOT art.

Hey, those who know me, know that I am no prude. I, quite frankly find “tasteful” photographs of women, beautiful and appreciate them but I would be willing to sacrifice a scantily clad photograph of Heidi Klum on the walls of Victoria’s Secret if it meant that the men in my life, the boys in my life, the men in your life, the boys in your life could be spared from the addictive handiwork of the Devil that is: porn.


The availability of porn is unreal. As mothers and wives we must fight to keep this garbage out of our homes. Cancel HBO, (if you think you can’t live without the Sopranos then download the episodes), Refuse to watch crap like Nip/Tuck. Block MTV from your kids. If you think your husband in any way could be tempted (and don’t be nieve) put concrete filters on those computers, keep them in the living room. Don’t be fooled and think it couldn’t happen to you and your family. Sweet, “Republican” Christian, Sara Evans I am sure would agree with me with her whole heart.

The devil is a roaming lion, the Bible says, seeking whom he may devour.

We have a generation of men being consumed, devoured by Porn.

Surely the Father is weeping.