Celebrating Snow?

Feb 4, 2011 | Full Time Family | 22 comments

I suppose…
When in Rome…

  Got Gas?

 My Chickens were THRILLED to have to “swim” their way thru the front porch!
 This is what we faced when we opened the garage door on Wednesday morning.  To give you some scale… that’s our Suburban half buried. 
 This is as far as we could open the backdoor.  Three feet – where the kids did their “swimming.”
 Big Daddy spent the better part of the day digging us and our surrounding sidewalks out.
 The carved paths are a child’s paradise!
 I’m such a sucker for Vintage Clothing… this snowsuit was MINE when I was a child!  
My favorite Pollyantha Fairy (3.5 feet tall) peeking out!!!

After warming up Hoolie got in on the celebration with Daddy and Lady Antebellum…Please just act like you don’t see me.  I was ill, in my UGLY jammies!


  1. T's Daily Treasures

    Wow! I can’t imagine all that snow. I am a southern girl now living in a desert country and have only ever visited snow. Sure looks like the kids were having fun – but a lot of work for the grownups to dig out. Stay warm and cozy. Tammy

  2. Tamra

    I don’t know how you do it. I guess because I’ve always lived on the California coast I just hate being cold. It’s been in the high 60’s here lately and I’m still freezing! lol

    Although I have to say, seeing that sweet little father, daughter dance warmed my heart so much I could probably melt all the snow around your house!

    Loved it. Merci!

  3. The Not So Perfect Housewife

    Oh my goodness. I remember snows like that when we lived up in MD. Don’t miss them all that much.

    That video is simply adorable. What a wonderful Daddy/hubby… so cute.

    Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Polly

    Ohmigoodness, that is ALOT of snow!!! Love the snowsuit!!!

  5. The Flying Bee

    That video was so adorable I had to watch it twice! So sweet!

  6. Lorilee

    Such a sweet video. I can’t imagine that much snow! We just had some ice in south Texas, and it has us shut down! That snowsuit is so cute.

  7. Amanda

    What lovely photos. You have captured some great memories.

    That snow suit rocks!

  8. Kalee

    Love the photos, wish we had that much snow!

    And that video literally had me laughing. How awesome a relationship she is gonna have with her daddy!

  9. claudia b

    omg Juliette is just too cute!!!

  10. à la parisienne

    If it snowed like that where we live, life would shut down for weeks! Seriously, we had two inches of snow, but the roads we icy-not just covered with snow-and our whole town shut down-schools and all!
    It looks like the kids had a blast. I know that Amelia can’t stand to stay indoors for too long!


  11. à la parisienne

    That video is adorable. Daddies and little girls dancing are precious moments!


  12. Pamela

    Oh yOu need to come over for a visit for a bit of spring! It is so warm and green here in the beautiful Cowichan Valley…I just had to spread some green for all of you!

    Your photos bring back memories of winters back home!

  13. Theanne...

    The snow pictures are beautiful (realize I’m not having to dig out) and the kids are having so much fun. The vintage snow suit is perfect! My fav thing is Hoolie dancing with with Daddy!

  14. Carissa

    Love the snowsuit!!! I love vintage clothes too!
    That picture of Aiden with his truck is worth a million bucks!
    Such a sweet video too!

    Stay Warm,

  15. Selina

    I have never seen so much snow!! That must be incredible to wake up to.
    Here in Australia it is just hot and humid at the moment – building up for more storms or cyclones.
    Make some snowballs for those of us who never get to 😉

  16. vintagegirl

    Love the video ~ how cute is that! It’s so nice to see the kids enjoying the snow(I figure it should only be around another couple months, so we better get used to it!) lol

  17. Heather's Blog-o-rama

    That video is just too cute 🙂 🙂 Wow, you really do have a lot of snow. A lot of my friends have been going through that…and be careful if you have to go driving in that, enjoy it, have fun, but be careful in the. It does look beautiful o nce it’s stopped snowing…all pristine and white 🙂 Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  18. Beth - In My World...

    Love the snowsuit and the happy faces of the children enjoying the snow. I, on the contrary, do not have a happy face and am totally sick of the snow. I want to be in my garden!

    It is interesting to see your little angel in your snowsuit as my husband and I have been regaling our children (much to their chagrin) of how these are the winters of our childhood…and we experienced them every year. But it is overkill now…I’ve had enough of the white stuff! Stay warm and be well!



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