I suppose…
When in Rome…

  Got Gas?

 My Chickens were THRILLED to have to “swim” their way thru the front porch!
 This is what we faced when we opened the garage door on Wednesday morning.  To give you some scale… that’s our Suburban half buried. 
 This is as far as we could open the backdoor.  Three feet – where the kids did their “swimming.”
 Big Daddy spent the better part of the day digging us and our surrounding sidewalks out.
 The carved paths are a child’s paradise!
 I’m such a sucker for Vintage Clothing… this snowsuit was MINE when I was a child!  
My favorite Pollyantha Fairy (3.5 feet tall) peeking out!!!

After warming up Hoolie got in on the celebration with Daddy and Lady Antebellum…Please just act like you don’t see me.  I was ill, in my UGLY jammies!