Tear jerker card from Momma.

Aside with housework, 
aside with ponytails, 
sweatshirt skirts, tank tops and garden dirt…
There’s a lot life has been throwing at our house the last two weeks so we decided, 
aside with that too…
Last night was an excuse to celebrate.
Time to celebrate my twenty-eighth birthday!  

A dozen lovely lavender colored roses from Momma. 
 They smell like RASPBERRIES!!!
Hubby was camera happy – perhaps cause I actually had deodorant and mascara on! 
Pardon a little vanity but I am gonna post a few more of myself… someday when “Parisienne Farmgirl” is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary I can scroll back to see what I looked like when I was “young.” 

So, this is my fav.  The official birthday portrait! 🙂
In my crazy, bright dress I found five hours before our reservations.  
Honestly, I have not been taking the best care of myself.
I hate my hair cut so it basically stays tied in a knot all week, my toes, though painted are usually housing dirt from the Potager… but yesterday I gave myself a pedi with my FAVORITE color, I’m With Brad” by Sephora.  Ever since Chanel came out with “VAMP” ten years ago or so I have been IN LOVE with that sexy, dark, dark, dark, blackberry color on toes.  No short, short toe nails for me either, I like them a smidge long and nice and square!  And, hello?  Is “I’m with Brad” that most creative name or what??
And how about my shoes!  They were a housewife pick-me-up from a few months ago, four inches with that little bit of platform that is so chic these days and a neautral color of course, for those of us with short legs… eloooooooooooooongating.
Dearest Anne.
That is some “Bestie” that would drive over two hours between dropping of her five chickens at her mother-in-laws and then heading our way.  Some “Bestie” indeed.  (We hate that word, we just use it to bug each other!)  Doesn’t she look INCREDIBLE!  Her hair looks so cute… mine on the other hand, I had just run my hand thru it and flipped it over seconds before the photo – hubby is grounded for not telling me I looked like Road Runner!
 Meep.  Meep.

My Darling Aunt Ruth drove 40 minutes to watch my VERY energetic chickens for us!!!  I mentioned there is a lot going around here and I think the kids are feeling it.  They were so wound up yesterday – unreal.  Auntie Ruthie took it all in stride, she totally took over and cared for the kids while I finished getting ready, she handled the dinner that I had not gotten to… what a lifesaver.  And what a treat to sit at my vanity and try my new makeup instead of making dinner!  AND she brought me 
That I am eating as I type.

Mr. Nada Farm, Anne, Angela and Big Daddy.  Again with the hair.  Blah.  I am so going back to Andrés for my next cut.  
Anne KNOWS I love yellow roses so she brought 5, one for every member of our family, tied with linen of course.  She is so darling.
Joel was in a car accident last week (our car is being junked) so we have this Sa-Weet Volvo rental that we drove thru the country to the Bistro for dinner.  It was so fun to share my favorite restaurant with our friends.
We brought our own bottle of wine (Chateau St. George mais bien sur!) and paid a reasonable corkage fee to enjoy it.  It was a 1997 and had survived our nasty basement… it was WONDERFUL and I was so glad we had saved it all these years.
The Prix Fix was not as interesting as we had hoped last night so we ordered off the main menu.
Joel and I had seared Foie Gras on a toast and bed of lentils with a drizzle of fig sauce for our “appetizer”, I think Anne and Jason shared some sort of sushi but honestly, I was so emamoured with my Foie Gras I can’t remember.  If you ever order Foie Gras you simply must order a glass of Sauturne with it… c’est parfait!

For dinner the ladies orders Mini Chatueabriand, deliciously wrapped in bacon and served on a bed of mashed potatoes. 
The men ordered Steak Frites and Jason tried mayonaise with his Frites for the first time… comme les Français.
Desserts were molten dark chocolate truffle cake with Chambord sauce and hmmmm, Anne what did you have again? Some yummy pear tarte?  I can’t remember…
We were too full for a cheese plate and salad before our dessert but still, the meal was very French and very good.
We were escorted home by an incredible lightening show to the tune of the tornado sirens.   Nothing like a little drama to end the evening.
I don’t recall the last time we have been out for dinner with two other adults, non-family, with no children.  In fact, I am thinking it’s probably been about 6 years.  Which prompted a lot of thought last night… I laid there for an hour thinking about all that is going on and this next year of my life.
It is time for me to step back a bit from the presipis of cliché.  
By that I mean, I’ve been feeling pretty drab lately.  Adopting those excuses that mom’s would give me before I had my own children… you know, not brushing your teeth until 11am, not working out faithfully, never wearing the fun outfits in my closet, wether it’s out of needing to loose a bit more baby fat or laziness…
Clearly I have embrassed the Farmgirl in the last few years, I’ve learned a ton, honed gardening skills, but… all my French friends have moved away, I NEVER make it into Chicago anymore, we stopped Tango lessons over a year ago, I don’t entertain like I used to… there is “nil” going on in the glamour-puss department around here… It’s time to welcome back my inner “Parisienne” she needs a bit of nurture, lest she shrivel and die and if she does… well, I simply won’t be “me” anymore.
I am so excited. 
I am excited to be a Mom to these three chickens, to tweak some things in my life both personal and spiritual, to share with you some of the fun new makeup I bought at Sephora…. am I excited to be twenty-eight?
NO, I am excited to be THIRTY FIVE!