On Gardening

Perhaps it is not as much a philosophy as it is how I am developing this outdoor space. They say it takes ten years to really create a garden, and this garden is only four years old. As I’m writing this, I am selecting my seeds for this year (2022) and hold great anticipation for the fifth year of my garden.

It is a potager garden. Utilitarian in that it provides us with food and decorative as there are areas of structure and symmetry and, of course, sheer romance.

The space was once a forest that we cleared with no machinery, and all the rock has been harvested from the property to create the stone walls so prevalent here in Door County and reminiscent of the British and European gardens that inspire me so much.

As you follow along, you will be invited to join in the celebration of dewdrops on David Austin roses and the first signs on Ladies Mantle under the spring snow.

There is so much more to come as new gardens are created, greenhouses come to life, and skills are learned. I’m touched that you are here.

Gardener’s Creative Block

Gardener’s Creative Block

 Gardener's Creative Block - it's a thing and until recently, I've had a pretty mean case of it. I've been in a bit of a panic the last few years. Every time I look out my window, I take in the beauty we've created in the last few years and I'm grateful, but...

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