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Feb 10, 2006 | Pop Culture/Politics | 2 comments

Could I possibly be more sick and fricken tired of seeing of hearing about angry, off their rocker, crazy Muslims dancing in the streets, video taping their threats, broadcasting from caves…you get the picture.

This “religion” is straight from the devil. What a better ploy of Satans than to appear to Mohammad so long ago and plant the lie that the God of Abraham is not the God of Jesus the Jew, let alone His Father. “Peaceful” Muslims are deceived, violent Muslims are deceived so are Scientologists for that matter…but how funny…when people make fun of Tom Cruise he doesn’t burn down the Paramount Studios.

Can you imagine how many American cities would go up in flames if Christians rioted every time they portrayed Jesus on South Park?

Stay focused. Pray.


  1. cityfarmer

    Good word pastor…It’s sick and twisted, you’re right.

    What is up with the BDJ blog…By now we all know he likes ham and beans

  2. Platonicus Booknutticus


    It’s problematic to do what you’re doing here… the look you can see it’s an insane religion because we don’t do what they do when somebody does such and such line of argument.

    We have to remember that analogies to our culture won’t do. For the Muslim, God has not been seperated, segregated, silhouetted, sold to the highest bidder, nor ceremonially executed by philosophers. The culture is inextricable from the thought – “God”. God is a part of politics, a part of economics, a part of society in every way.

    We can rightly criticize belligerint, jihadic behaviour, but in doing so we also have to recognize the fervent recognition of God’s presence that it grows out of, right? I don’t dare say, nor do I think, that behaviour like that must necessarily follow from piety… in fact I think it’s precisely impiety. But I also don’t think that we should be careful that – with our statement that they shouldn’t freak out like that – we don’t let another implicit statement to the effect of theocracy is the problem sneak in the door too. Our American culture tells us to affirm both statements, but our responsibility to God requires that we seperate the first from the second… I think.

    The Tom Cruise analogy misse the point, it seems, a bit. For it to work, and be apt, I think you’d have to suppose that Tom Cruise believes in scientology in the same sense that a pious Muslim believes in Allah. But pointint this out is evey unnecessary/superfluous in light of the first observation above, because that first oservation is all-pervading. In Tom Cruises culture there are spheres of life… to a Muslim, the fact that Tom Cruise thinks that makes him, and us, “the great Satan”.

    Further if we’re going to pull a “we’d never do such and such” position, we have to remember that “God just told George Bush to invade Iraq”.

    I make no judgement on whether or not God actually did so, only just feel it necessary to point out that… well, yeah.

    By the way, Muslim’s:
    -See the God of Abraham as their God, same God.
    -Affirm the Bible as revelation from God, albeit slightly skewed.
    -Affirm ALL the Hebrew prophets as true prophets… even affirming Jesus as being both “prophet” and, in some sense less than what we imply, “Messiah”.
    -Affirm the Bible as announcing the coming of Muhammed as well.
    -Affirm a divine status of Jesus (again, in some way less than we affirm).

    That last one I’m shaky on… but they do acknowledge his miracles and the virgin birth.


    Sorry, I know I’m saying a bunch of stuff that probably need not be said here. But this, the following, I think does, and is most crucial:

    Both Hebrews and Muslims criticize Christianity as being “Impious” towards God, in that it is utter blasphemy to “bring God down” to the form of a human. They see it as completely impious and disrespectful toward the Holiness of God.

    Yet how ironic is it then, that both the Hebrews and the Muslims affirm that God can be pleased and appeased by our “good works”, that is, they are merely legalistic… and remember, they call Christians and their notion of the God-man slain “impious”.

    Now I would ask, what could possibly be more impious toward God’s Holiness than to assume that YOU could approach and appease that Holiness with your good works. They totally miss this! They talk Holy, Holy, Holy. Then they say, essentially, “but I can be that Holy too, watch me”.

    That’s the kicker.


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