Hop on Google and type in the words ‘can you move a tonal yourself’ and you might as well be asking if you can use hair dye to color your eyelashes. According to the powers that be, the answer is a resounding, NO!

It’s as though Tonal has the market on stud finding because the warnings are dire my friends – move your Tonal at your own risk. Warranties go out the window and apparently, none of us are smart or handy enough these days to do it. Well, I’m an ornery person and while I’m too scared to dye my eyelashes with regular hair dye, I wasn’t too scared to move our Tonal to a new location in our house and you can too! Seeing the price tag attached to them coming to move it for us may provide extra motivation too.

I love, love, LOVE our TONAL and it’s an investment into our family’s health, but I sure don’t need to spend MORE on it when I’ve got a power drill and know what a stud is.

You will need some basic handyman competence and:

-a stud finder

-a tape measure

-a rachet with extension

-metric sockets (I think we used 9 or 10 millimeters or maybe 10 or 11, I’m sorry, I don’t remember)

-an extra person is ideal unless you have herculean strength

-a hand cart if you’re nervous about carrying it (it’s VERY dense and heavy)

-a drill (Which I think I forgot to mention in my voice-over. Way to go, Ang)

First, a confession – I’ve been feeling sorta BLAH these days and usually that’s a sign that I’m not taking care of myself well. I figured it was time to up the vitamin D and get consistent with exercise (I’ve been hit or miss since before the Holidays and paying for it). In thinking about all this and recommitting to take care of myself I realized that this bright, COLD room that is cut off from the rest of the house would be a great gym! I know it’s a blessing to have ‘extra space’ that you need to decide WHAT to do with. If I want to be a good steward of this home how could I let this room exist as only semi-useful or a catch-all for junk?

I love this little story about our blizzard weekend and how we made a family gym in a room that never really served a purpose for us, but if you need to jump ahead to the Tonal directions, you’ll find them starting at the 6:59 mark. The basic thing you need to know is that Tonal hangs on a large bracket and slides up to come off and slides down to go on. Your bracket must be secured into two studs (standard 16″ apart), and I recommend drilling into the CENTER of the stud where it’s strongest.

Why Tonal preaches doom and gloom about trying this yourself is beyond me, but it does invalidate your warranty to move it yourself so consider yourself warned.

After the TONAL accomplishment, it was time to move the sauna and the red light out of the basement (two other investments we made into my health in particular on the advice of my doctor a few years ago), some other miscellaneous equipment, and a big mirror that was laying around – though I intend to get proper wall mounted mirrors eventually. I surprised Joel with a new exercise bike for Christmas that finally arrived (OK, I ordered it late) and it’s SUPER quiet, like noiseless and he can watch Netflix on it so he’s jazzed as that is his preferred method of exercise. (If you want one, I arranged a $100 off coupon for my followers HERE with the code Parisienne Farmgirl.)

Last week I shared with you my sparkly clean windows and snow-planting methods… this week I’m focusing on making sure each space in our home is used well. For now, that means gave our attention this week to a little three-season room right off of our boot room that has struggled for the last six years to find its purpose. – Now its our family gym.

Winters are beautiful but long and BO-RING here. Now the kids are in there practicing karate, mom can play her trashy pop music while she works out without tarnishing her children (hahaha) and when I want to use the sauna I’m no longer banished to the basement, but instead can sit and watch my cows out the window!

Pay now or pay later.

The way I see it – I’m spending the money at some point. I’m either investing now in things like my doctor-recommended sauna or the TONAL we bought when COVID hit or I’m spending it someday when I’m riddled with arthritis or health problems from too much sedentary ‘activity’.

I’ll spend the time now getting up early to MOVE my body or I’ll spend it someday lying in a hospital bed.

Goodness knows this room is part of our mortgage, I’m paying for it! Might as well use it!…

So many of my decisions since the new year have been based on trying to wisely consider ‘future me’. What habits do I need now from French lessons to Bible study to exercise to oil painting to be the Angela I want to be in the future?

It’s not always fun. It’s not always sexy, but I’m trusting the process. I hope you make some time for ‘future you’ this weekend. Forget worrying about the finish line, let’s just walk together and enjoy the process knowing that small changes are what it’s all about.

Like my little wine closet, I created (and featured on Instagram the other day), I’m committed to making every inch of this housework for us and I’ve been feeling a little off my game in the strength department lately so having this new space is just geeking me out. We’ve used it every day since we made it. So if you have a Tonal you want to move, that’s our story and I wish you well! And if you have been considering a Tonal I would say do NOT HESITATE. Very few things live up to their hype. Tonal is one of those things. It’s AMAZING. Here’s a link:)

What’s the next project in our Everyday Château?

Terra cotta floors perhaps? Stay tuned. I’m happy you’re here.