Buyers Remorse Anyone?

Aug 13, 2012 | Pop Culture/Politics | 9 comments

Ok, just got back from a MUCH needed vacation.
Didn’t check the news for a week… until last night 
(Woot, Woot, Wisconsin!)

Found this too, and I about spit my anniversary champagne all over the MacTop.

Someone took my current favorite song…
(It just has such a cool, vintage, Peter Gabriel sound to it – I just love it)
Anyways, someone took my favorite song from this summer…
Well, you’ll see…




  1. susan

    what an amazing woman u r doin ALL that u do and u ‘v still heard of that song lol i mean it was a great parody but u saaid it was ur fav and i’v never even heard it amazing ang just amazing!!!! this is susan fr alabama ur mom’s friend

  2. celkalee

    I would likely have done more than spit the bubbly! Great morning entertainment!

  3. DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family

    Have you seen the commercial on TV where the bird says…” I just threw up in my beek” ?.

    I am dying for the debates! The left wing media cannot edit. ie. 60 minutes last night.

  4. Heather's Blog-o-rama

    Wow….I’m familiar with the original, for sure…and this one…wow…not sure what to say…but I think you summed it up just right 🙂

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  5. david terry

    Well, presumably you and your readers (most of whom are, I gather, are conservatives) realize that this is a video that, however critical of Obama’s record since assuming office, promotes the view that he should move FURTHER “left” and entirely disassociate himself from even moderately endorsing conservative policies, including those that were implemented during the two G.W. Bush adminstrations.

    Bascially?…if you “loved” this video, it can be assumed that you’re an extreme left-winger who is disillusioned by Obama’s conciliatory compromises with conservative/Republican policies.

    That particular irony is inescapable (presumably, you would prefer that Obama follow the dictates of the extreme left-wing?), unless one happens to be someone whose sense of irony isn’t particularly well-honed.


    David Terry

  6. Josephine's Girl

    Very funny if you’re not a 20, 30, or 40 something living at home. Life lesson here: read, think, and reason before you vote. Letting a decision as important as our country’s fiscal and constitutional health be made on a tide of emotional euphoria is just plain unintelligent. No Kool-Aid for this girl.

  7. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Dear David,
    You’re getting on my nerves.

    I get it — based on your previous comment a few months ago (which I was unable to post since my eyes had rolled back so far in my head after reading it) you think I am some redneck, hick, xenophobe… a Christian who hates Jews and Muslims…I believe you called my family the poster family for le Pen.
    A hateful think to say indeed.

    What an ass.

    And I’ll thank you not to EVER comment on my beautiful family again.


    I found the video FUNNY because it was CREATIVE and showed that even brainwashed college students find themselves disillusioned with the great B.O.

    Basically?… If you are commenting on my blog it can be assumed that you are some sort of freak who wants to read the “ponderings” of a suburban housewife and mother… perhaps you’re making my recipes or have dug yourself a potager? No, let me guess, you’re sewing your little girl a dress for this Christmas?

    ‘Cause clearly, you follow my blog, which seems like an awful waste of your time since I only post something in the pop culture/politics category upon great occasion and you appear to vehemently disagree with everything I say, think and stand for. You and your handful of snooty over-educated Parisian friends should know that a blog is only a glimpse into a person and their personalities and beliefs. How liberal and elitist of you to think you have me so summed up.

    I find it IRONIC that you are using my conservative blog to promote your art. But at least you don’t post your comments anonymously – I’ll give you that… I suppose.

  8. Gracie's Cottage

    You go Farmgirl!! Mutually respectful discussion & polite disagreements are always welcome in my world and I suspect yours as well. Bullying and unwarranted sarcasm? Never.

    And I’m glad you had a wonderful time in Door County; beautiful pics! This,(proud-to-be-from-Wisconsin),girl is anxiously awaiting her next trip up there in September.

  9. Chelsea

    Just wondering how you feel about trump these days…


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