Joel was reading this rough draft and he was like: “What’s with you and that word?”
 I love it but I know, I used it in the last post and that is highly irritating. So let me get it out of my system and I will try not to use it again for some time…

“Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic…”

It’s such a frickin’ cool word that’s all.

Real post now:
The other day I looked at my schedule and realized that I had three days that were totally empty! And during those same three days, Big Daddy was going to be working 12-15 hour days.
Now my grandparents had just left for Florida so their farmhouse was just sitting there empty… beckoning me…


The kids and I spent three days doing nothing, playing with the kittens, walking the farmyard, playing Legos, eating pre-made food (I cook from scratch, so it was a wonderful break for me). It was incredible and just what we needed. It was hard to come back.

It was my first road trip by myself with The Fab Four Chickens too!

I had packed two little dresses that won’t fit the girls next year… sniff, sniff, bawl…
and Aidan is my little hat head and looks like such a Dapper Dan… it was the perfect time for a photo shoot! And shoot I did!
Indulge me here. And if you find endless photos of my chickens dull, that’s okay. My Gramma reads my blog and she’ll love it!

Thanks Gramma and Grampa for use of The Farm!

We made some great memories!