Bucolic Babies

Nov 4, 2011 | Full Time Family, On Motherhood | 29 comments

Joel was reading this rough draft and he was like: “What’s with you and that word?”
 I love it but I know, I used it in the last post and that is highly irritating. So let me get it out of my system and I will try not to use it again for some time…

“Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic, Bucolic…”

It’s such a frickin’ cool word that’s all.

Real post now:
The other day I looked at my schedule and realized that I had three days that were totally empty! And during those same three days, Big Daddy was going to be working 12-15 hour days.
Now my grandparents had just left for Florida so their farmhouse was just sitting there empty… beckoning me…


The kids and I spent three days doing nothing, playing with the kittens, walking the farmyard, playing Legos, eating pre-made food (I cook from scratch, so it was a wonderful break for me). It was incredible and just what we needed. It was hard to come back.

It was my first road trip by myself with The Fab Four Chickens too!

I had packed two little dresses that won’t fit the girls next year… sniff, sniff, bawl…
and Aidan is my little hat head and looks like such a Dapper Dan… it was the perfect time for a photo shoot! And shoot I did!
Indulge me here. And if you find endless photos of my chickens dull, that’s okay. My Gramma reads my blog and she’ll love it!

Thanks Gramma and Grampa for use of The Farm!

We made some great memories!






















  1. Sush

    Ohhhh…never ever apologize for showing off your family. Your chickens are beautimous and your blessings! As a Mom of five grown chickens, I’m here to tell you, (and many told me) it is going to go by in a blur. One day you’re going to look over your shoulder and realize those chickens are running ahead planning brood of their own.

    Revel in your memory making so you can look back with joy on these memories…!

  2. Adrienne

    Angela – those photos are, well bucolic. You have a real talent…

  3. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    The country is inspirational for taking photos and so are those cute chickens! LOVELY spot, wonderful memories, I’m sure gramma will LOVE it!

  4. Pur et Simple

    Ok – could your kids be any cuter? I think not! Enjoy them, they stay small for such a short time.

  5. It's me

    What a sweet sweet sweet familly you have……love from me….xxx..

  6. Franka

    Lovely children!!!

    Lovely images!

    ♥ Franka

  7. Valerie

    Loved every single one!

  8. The Path Traveled

    Angela, What a talent you have. You truly have an eye for the camera and what beautiful photos…And beautiful children. Your very blessed.

  9. Farmchick

    Fantastic photos of your chickens. All so photogenic.

  10. Gypsy Brocante

    Love the bucolic feel of the photos ; )

    Your chicks are the perfect photo subject … adorable!


  11. A Cottage Muse

    Well Angela…you really know how to have fun! With my chickens getting ready to leave the nest (one off on her own and the other soon to head off to college), I am fearing the empty nest! This post has brought me so many wonderful memories this evening, thank you!

  12. vintage girl at heart

    lovely family and it is so good that you got away for a bit!! so nice to recharge your soul in the fresh air of the farm!
    blessings to you and your sweet family!

  13. A Vintage Green

    What lovely memories you shared. What beauties your little chicks are. Thank you for sharing such love.
    – Joy

  14. Blondie's Journal

    I hope you are framing some of these…all of these! They are beautiful.


  15. Priscilla

    très bucolique!
    I could look at your adorable, happy family all day.

  16. Deanna

    Sooooo sweeeeet!

  17. Lylah Ledner

    Oh beautiful farm woman…i LOVE it….keep em coming! xoxo lylah

  18. suzan c

    Love your blog and the children could be models

  19. suzan c

    Love your blog. Have been reading it for over a year, but had to be a follower to comment that the children are sooo cute and should be models

  20. suzan c

    have been reading your blog for about a year and a half and really
    Also, very hard to write comments here:(

  21. Stephanie

    Gorgeous children everywhere! I enjoy when you share their photos.

  22. Joannah


    You are so blessed! What beautiful children. I love seeing pictures of them.


  23. Renata

    Lovely pictures & sounds like a great giveaway! It seems like no time since my 4 were that small ~ it goes so quickly (sigh) ~ enjoy it!
    Have a great day

  24. Dawn

    Those kids are just SO. STINKIN’. CUTE.
    Made me smile.

  25. DeDe

    Thank you so much for sharing the photos of your family. I was just thinking – they will be so happy one day that you took the time to take these pictures. They are just beautiful. So sweet

  26. Ann at eightacresofeden

    How could you ever think we might find those pictures dull?! Anything but! A good reminder for me to go and take some photos of my chickens with the chickens that keep escaping at the moment and eating all the basil I was growing for pesto!

  27. Justine

    You should become a photographer… your photos are amazing do you use any special program for editing? I would be really interested since we just had our first baby and it would save us oodles to be able to take our own beautiful pictures such as the ones you took!

  28. Joy

    They were all sweet, loved looking at them. Such innocence!!


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