Breaking Through: Navigating Parenthood When Your Child Breaks a Leg and Answering Your Questions from Recent YouTube Vlogs

Mar 1, 2024 | The Parisienne Farmhouse | 7 comments

Never a dull moment.

If you read these newsletters or follow the blog, you know I’ve been reveling in this beautiful weather. This week was no different and on Monday once school was over, I wanted to spend some time with my babies and invited them to go on a walk with me.

We took off down the muddy, pothole-ridden driveway (potholes being the downside to a 40-year-old gravel driveway after the winter). The sun was glorious and the sky, Sister Bay Blue, as we call it.

My youngest daughter (Miss My Favorite Color is Glitter) wanted to bring a skateboard and give it a try. I, being a child of the 80s have some skateboarding skills myself and tried to show her some basics, but I kept hopping off, terrified I would reinjure my ankle that I WASTED in November. I’m so scared of re-injuring it before my next Paris trip. It hurts all the time as it is. A few goes on the board and I told her, “I need to be done. I can’t get hurt.”

Ten seconds later she’s flat on her back, sobbing in pain.

I jumped down to the blacktop to carefully see if her head was bleeding, my poor baby was out of her mind. She’s never felt true pain before.

I told my son to run home and get the truck. Bless his heart, he knows how to drive. It was a big ask (he’s 12) and it required him to back out of the parking position and avoid his big brother’s Corvette. But he did it and soon came over the hill to us sprawled out in the middle of the road. A huge bump was on my daughter’s ankle and in between sobs she told me she heard a huge pop when she fell.

At that same moment, my husband pulled up from an errand he had run, he lifted her into the truck and we drove back home to grab ice, my wallet, Advil, and Anaïs wanted glass of water.

It’s a 35-minute drive to the ER.

(Anaïs at Versailles)

(Anaïs and I on the Grand Canal at Versailles)

Drama aside – I was proud of my kids.

-No one freaked in an emergency, their entire lives I’ve tried to stress that in an emergency you THINK and you ACT. You don’t stand their hysterical.

-Julien calmly ran home and drove the truck back

-Big sisters who are typically more teasing showed tenderness and affection (getting beloved stuffed animals for the ride, providing comfort during the drive, and more).

-Anaïs herself was SO strong during all the pain, during the x-rays (which required moving her leg around)

…I was terribly proud.

Long story short, this was no sprained ankle. This was a break in her tibia AND her fibula (no WONDER she was in such horrific pain), and after a long night in the ER with Anaïs, surrounded by her Squishmallows and charming every doctor and nurse she interacted with. We have surgery scheduled for next week.

Le sigh.

(Anaïs at Giverny)

This week our home is tender in a way it hasn’t been in a long time. When someone in your tribe is hurting, you come together, and it’s a permission slip for extra snuggles, extra treats, extra cozy, just extra, extra. Big brothers bring home Boba tea treats, and Daddy goes to the guest bed so little girls with broken bones can sleep with Momma all night. Tensions and the monotony of daily routine get shelved and you’re blessed with a little extra perspective. While no mother wants her family to experience perspective at the expense of one of her little ones, you deal with what’s given to you.

And so we’re dealing, as best we can.

(Anaïs in front of her favorite statue at the Musée Rodin)

In this week’s YouTube video, I’ll be taking it easy and answering a lot of questions we’ve received over the last few weeks. I got to film it with her just ten feet away resting in my bed watching a movie on the iPad so I didn’t have to leave her side. I was grateful for that. A nice month-in-review, and I think that might be a good thing to do every couple of months on the channel, the timing this week couldn’t be more perfect. I think you’ll enjoy.


  1. Julie Madsen

    That’s so very sad for Anais! Tell her that her mama’s crew is praying for a full recovery. LOVED your Youtube response to “why homeschooling?”… perfection!

  2. Michelle J

    I am so sorry to hear about Anais’ accident. Praying surgery goes through successfully and that healing is a breeze. I loved this video where you answered questions and vote for more!

  3. Christine Page

    Such beautiful pictures. May God bless you all, and may your daughter’s leg heal superbly.

  4. Pam Arganbright

    Wow, so sorry to hear off your daughter’s broken leg.
    I have been watching you for a year & totally enthralled with your videos! Thank you!
    I am 76,great gramma, love decor, painting but do not have your energy! So I will sit back and watch,lol! The best to you & your family with blessings & far away hugs!!

  5. Heather Zubiate

    Oh no… Anaïs, our sweet glitter girl! I very proud of you, how you handled yourself like a lady in the midst of all that pain, well done to all for keeping cool heads. It’s rough for parents- momma’s baby and daddy’s princess – to see you hurt, but you will all pull through. That’s what loving families do, and it’s through these difficult times when you see the metal your family is made of. Looks like pure gold to me.♥️ ☺️ You are in my prayers

  6. Jeannine

    Dear Angela, when our kids hurt, we hurt, too. Sending Anaïs healing prayers and hugs for both of you from Canada! (Loved your q&a vlog….am still revolted how people are towards ytubers ! Some folk have no manners, nor good judgement.) Take care you all!

  7. Kathryn Cartier

    Praying for Anais <3 and you . You showed much Grace in answering the questions. People need to remember this is not their house or family. They can definitely share thoughts but not give directives.
    The tiling looks great .
    Love to you all. 😀 <3


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