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Can you believe, it’s a word my kids don’t even know???
(Nothing irritates me as much as a kid whining, “I’m bored.”)
Friends and family are “forbidden” to say it around us lest they pick it up and incorporate it into their vernacular.
But, since they can’t read…


I never liked to be ready too early for Prom…I hated sitting around waiting for the evening…I never wrote a speech for speech class…I would rather wing it…I am not a total last minute person to the point where I inconvenience other people…cause that is just plain irrigating and rude…but, I hate too much “spare” time.

And yet, here I am.
Just about everything on my massive to-do list that I wrote back in September is done. And here I am.
Nary a Braxton Hicks,
nary a cramp…
right now what I would take is a good old fashioned,

“Clean up in aisle four!”

Like a typical soap opera-esque water breaking all over the place!!!
I guess it’s my own fault for having expectations. Number one was on his due date, number two was two days early, so, silly me, since I am due on Monday (or Tuesday says the Midwife) I thought for sure by yesterday…

I hate the mall but I would sure love to go walk around Nordstrom right now.
Target isn’t going to cut it and the girls at our little Sephora are so obnoxious.
(They just can’t stand it that I walk in there with no makeup and try everything myself.)
They always want to do my makeup and I want to say,

“Have you seen YOURS? Get away from me!”

This blog has turned into more of a journal as all I do is blog about ME and that is bugging me too,
but I am afraid I don’t have the energy to go after Obama this week or…even more fun, that dork Robert Gibbs.

I’ve have massages, I’ve had ankle rubs, girlfriend nurses 3 times in a 24 period,
I eat killer spicy food,
I’ve watched some of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time and YouTube clips of Conan O’Brian dogging NBC and laughed til I thought my water would break, yesterday we went on a big family walk outside…

The baby goes from so still for hours to full blown spastic freak outs and I “yell” at “him”,
“Well, if you would just COME OUT you would have more room!!!”

Obviously I need to trust God and his timing but that is easier said than done when you feel like a walking land monster who can’t sleep and has worked herself out of a job. Never mind that if this baby would join us my brother and his wife could actually come for a visit this weekend. Today is Joel’s day off…there are a million reasons why

Are you sick of me yet? I am sick of myself.
The only thing I have to do is blog (I think I have done 6 posts in the last 6 days!)
so try to keep up with me if you dare…
The naming game is still open for boys…scroll down to previous posts…