Bonne Année 2009 – New Years Prayer Request

Jan 1, 2009 | Full Time Family, Spiritual | 15 comments

I love New Years.
It must have something to do with my semi Type-A personality, the goal setting, list making side of me.  I love Mondays, the First of the Month and most of all New Years.
I can’t stand it when people say, “I don’t make Resolutions.”  as if its a bad thing to be excited about a Fresh Slate – even if the freshness is really only mental.  
I am resolved to do tons of things better this year; everything from keeping my kitchen “junk drawer” not so junky to reading more.
Last year was the hardest year our marriage has ever experienced.  The root cause? – money or rather our reaction to the serious, life changing lack of it that has taken place in the last 365 days.  We were budget obsessed and frugal before but when you are living worse then paycheck to paycheck there is nothing to budget and forget frugal – you just don’t buy (or repair for that matter) anything.  Remember that trunk I crawled into this summer?  Still broken.  
For awhile there it really took it’s toll on us.  I was depressed, crying all the time, my nerves frayed.  And Joel?  Well, men were designed to care for their families.  When they can’t do that they way they think they should – it’s torture.
One of our “splurges” this year turned out to be our Christmas Tree.  
A few weeks ago we bundled up the kids and went out in the direction our our favorite Christmas Tree Farm.  We rode the tractor out into the field like we do every year but quickly began shooting each other concerned looks as it was obvious the drought a few years back and the fact that we were tree shopping the last weekend they were open had taken it’s toll on the fields “inventory.”  As in: NADA.
The kids were FREEZING and it was a situation were Joel might get a little short and exclaim, “Forget, we’re going to Home Depot!”  but he did not.  Instead, very out of character he said, “There is another farm up the road.  I think I know where it is.”
Ok” I say.  Cause I’m hell bent on cutting our own tree.  So we drive just about to the state border on quite a little goose chase to this MEGA FARM that was sheer pandemonium.  My GOSH!  Hello????  Got an acre or 500 – plant some freekin‘ pine trees and call yourself a millionaire 8 years from now!  Anyways – We pulled up and saw the sign, “You cut – $50”  
Great.  We had “budgeted” $35.  Thirty five that would have been better served buying groceries if you know what I mean.  Well, at this point we were 30 minutes from home so we  parked and Joel ran up to see if they had an ATM for our $15 balance.  We parked next to a huge Suburban that was “wrapped” in a marble faux finish.  On the side in huge letters was the name of a Chicago based painting and faux finish company.  Joel said, “Oh, I know that name.  They’re huge.”  Obviously.  The vehicle sported showroom names and everything!  Joel jumped out and I began to pray.  “Dear Lord, Please bring the owner of this vehicle out while we are sitting here.”  Sure enough, a man walked up with his tree and I told Aidan and Amélie not be be scared, I was going to jump out for a minute!
“HI!”  I exclaimed to the guy.  He received me well so I proceeded to tell him all about my husband, his paint skills, his faux skills, his ethics…I silently prayed that Joel would walk up soon and he did!  We explained about being burned out on owning our own company and that it just has not been the same since the babes since I can not help as much (never mind that work as fallen off the planet compared to other years!!!!).  This nice man is an employee, not the owner but has been with the company for EVER and is clearly SOMEONE since he was driving that beautiful vehicle.  Anyways, he said, “We are slow now but hold out ’til April and give us a call.”
“HA!” We thought as we got back in the car.  April is thousands of income dollars of needed away but we vowed to fax the resume and link to Joel’s online portfolio the moment we got home.  We heard back from the guy the next day via email.  He said to wait til everyone gets back into the office after the 1st and then for Joel to call so he could “come down for a meeting.”
Here is where you come in.  After a year of faxing resumes and applying for jobs – We need this job.  It’s not Joel’s dream job but it would provide EXACTLY the amount we need to live modestly and would allow us to BREATHE and think about Joel looking into furthering his education at night, perhaps something in the medical field as his career testing has revealed would be a good fit for him.  Besides, if there is ANYTHING we have learned this year it is this, Work is a blessing.  When you go without it you learn NOT to complain about where your paycheck is coming from.
We have been praying for 3 weeks that Joel would daily be brought to this guys mind, that he would not have delayed to tell the owners about Joel, that their work would be blessed thus creating a specific need for Joel and that the interview would come swiftly when Joel calls next week.  
Please join with us in these prayers.  We are so happy to have a New Year before us.  We are praying that God would bless us with this opportunity.  We are so anxious to have God close this chapter on our lives.  Joel will be calling Monday the 5th. 
God is good.  This morning the four of us held each other as we committed this year to the Lord.  We thanked him for last years trials.  We have grown so very much. 
 It is going to be a wonderful year.  
Happy New Year,
Love, Ang and Family


  1. cityfarmer

    We stand with you … making commitments with you and believing for God’s hand to brood over you and your little flock.

  2. Faith

    I’m with you, in agreement for those things. I’m so sorry you have had such a rough year. It’s time for some relief. I love you!!!

  3. Shawna

    Good for you, for seeing His plan in the lacking of funds. He is your ultimate provider, hold strong.

    Happy New Year and I too stand with you in faith with you.

  4. Joannah

    I’ll pray for you guys! God is faithful. He knows your needs and maybe this will be how He choses to meet them in 2009. Could be very exciting!

    Michael just lost his two days in the jazz band at Disneyland. Next week will be his last week there indefinitely. It wasn’t much income, but it was steady income. We will miss it especially since his tour schedule has been light and doesn’t look much better in the next few months. This is why I will most likely always be a working woman! Ugh! But, you’re right. Work is a blessing.

    Wishing you everything you need in 2009!

  5. Grover

    You are in our prayers. I know he will provide for you if not here then with another opportunity. We will be praying about the 5th. Love, Mark

  6. Farmgirl Cyn

    I join with the others, Ang. We have had an incredibly tough year also, so we know how “no income” feels. Two or more are gathered in His name, so He is here.
    Cindy and Pete

  7. Aunt Julee

    Count me in, too!

    I loved this story, looking forward to hearing from you Monday!

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  8. Homemaker Ang

    God is in control…

    easier said I know but I truly understand as I have 2 homes right now. I know God brought us here not to leave us but it gets hard when you wonder why…??? cant he come down here and in a blink of an eye sell this place??? i have made 2 double payments so far and it seems torturous! it is tight here too! I have faith but honestly i do wonder why we all seem to be in this situation…. is it God’s judgment on america or does it have nothing to do with that…? did we do it to ourselves or is it the inevitable that what goes up must come down? I would really like some answers!!!i am asking myself? what the heck is going on????

    I know people who are struggling with infertility but have all the money in the world, whatever their hands touch seems to turn to gold, always, but they cannot have a baby. We are not those people with the golden hands at all! but we are the opposite ones. I look down at my baby belly and know how blessed we are each day that I can conceive again and I am having baby number 6! I feel selfish sometimes in asking God for help financially when i see my babies and my belly and I think, shouldnt that be enough blessing for 1 lifetime for me?

    i am rambling a bit but these thoughts have been heavy on my heart these past weeks. I have a lot of questions for Him… in the meantime I am thanking Him for babies galore! it is enough for me.

    I stand in agreement for this job or a better job for J in 2009! Please stand in agreement with us that our other farm will sell in 2009 too! AT THE BEGINNING OF 2009, WHEN JOEL GETS THAT NEW JOB!

    By the way, i am not one of those new years res. people you spoke about. (i wrote a blog on it a few days ago) NOT because i am lazy though… I have enough daily pressures to keep afloat and i find it easier to keep things in short order. if i wait a whole year to make the resolutions it could be disastorous. i have to do reevaluate daily and weekly :)maybe it has something to do with 5 kids and 1 on the way and homeschooling 4 of them? maybe not 🙂

    God bless! stay strong! we have to stand by our men because by golly, no body else will! We have great guys dont we!

  9. Simply Dandy

    Dear Angie,

    What a wonderful way you have with writing your posts.

    God will bless you abundantly for your faithfulness! Sometimes when we are in the pits, there is just no way to go but up and you guys will be climbing out very very soon!! I just know it because we serve a mighty GOD!

    Many blessings to you and your precious family!


  10. Lady Laura

    I read your post with tears falling from my eyes! I will pray along side of you that God will provide a way for your little family.

    Although $50 was more than you had budgeted, it was no accident that your first stop didn’t have what you wanted and that your husband went to the second lot. That’s where you were suppossed to be!

    What a wonderful wife you are to have jumped out of the car and started a conversation with the guy on your husband’s behalf! You did him a GREAT service. We never meet anyone by accident, and I know you know what I mean.

    I’m sorry the past year has been hard on you but you posted a beautiful family picture, a family that’s still in it together, still in tact. (LOVE your coat!!) We’re praying for you!

  11. Victoria

    He’s still holding it all together for you all… I love your family and that you entrusted the new year to God. We will pray for Joel’s work. I think he’d make a wonderful care provider! He always makes me feel better 🙂

    love you all, Victoria

  12. Life in the 'Burbs

    Dean and I both read this post last night, and we both stood in awe at your strength and perserverance this past year and at how God works in mighty ways…he even used your budget to help you find this new opportunity!! Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you, and last night, when Dean finished reading your post, we stopped and prayed for you right then. We love you guys. 2009 is going to be your year!!!

  13. Cynthia's Cottage Design

    I will say a prayer for you all and for your husbands possibles this week!!

    Thanks so much for all your sweet comments and words!

    You have such a wonderful attitude and Im sure you will get through this hard time with an attitude like that! You are inspiring !!

    and when you get to your pantry, lol, I’d love to see! Thats my next project to finish !

    Im sending you wishes for a healthy and Happy New year!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  14. martha

    YES Lord. You are not alone – in your trials – or in your prayers.

  15. à la parisienne

    I just read this post for the first time (I wasn’t into blogging in January) and I am wondering what had come out of this job opportunity? How are things?
    I understand the appreciation for work as my husband is self-employed and things are so slow now. My husband says that he has learned that he is not too good for any job- all work is a blessing. I hope all is well with your family.


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