Bon Annivarsaire a Moi!

Jul 23, 2007 | Uncategorized | 12 comments

Saying Goodbye to Aidan for the day – it was awful!

How my day began, “More milk, more milk, more milk” I kept hearing from the other room – I came in and Aidan had helped himself to more Rice Milk. He did not spill it – it just overflowed!

What a day I had!
A few weeks back my sister said to me, “Can’t you guys go somewhere so I can spend some time with Aidan?”
Um, Let me think about that…YES! So we said we could manage to go somewhere on my birthday if she was available. We went, we saw, we managed!

We went (after a movie-like tearful goodbye by all three of us, Joel, Aidan and I) to the Cuneo Museum in a nearby suburb. A 1914 mansion and gardens that we had all to ourselves – literally. Quelle maison and what grounds – if you have seen the horrible movie (and I have apparently but I think I went to bed before it was over) “My Best Friend’s Wedding” then you have seen the gardens at the Cuneo.
(Oh great, Faith, is that your favorite movie?)
We walked hand in hand throughout the property enjoying the gardens and pool, the geese and the PEACOCKS! Yes, I was so happy, I got to see a Peacock – he put his feathers out for me and everything!!! (I have meant to blog many times about loving Peacocks before they were cool!) They used to roam freely on the property until urban (fricken) sprawl drove the coyotes and racoons in and they quickly became dinner instead of garden ornament. We saw white deer and an incredible mansion full of old faux finishes and italian antiques. It was amazing!!!
If I could re-do my wedding…HELLO!!!

Then we were off to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. 385 acres of gardens. Oh darn. We enjoyed the Rose Gardens, the English walled garden, and the Vegetable/Herb Garden the most! What a place – Hundreds of feet of Wisteria, Climbing Hydrangea, Roses that permiated the air and I could not help but squeal with delight when I found the little herb garden photographed below!
Stomachs rumbling we left the North Shore for dinner at our favorite Bistro but being a little early we decided to stop at this swanky grocery store I have always wanted to go to. Next to Fox and Obel in Chicago it’s the coolest foodstuffs store I have been into in this country. It was dark and intimate, the produce was beautiful, the fresh fish had NO SMELL and the olive and cheese bar made me long for a big bottle of St. Emilion!
Alors, I settled for one glass of Cotes du Rhone over the course of our dinner. We shared Portobello mushrooms in a sauce the was out of this world with a dollop of metled Brie, shallots and lentils for our starter then I could not resist my favorite bistro fair – Steak au Poive with Frites – SO GOOD- and Joel had a pasta dish that I will attempt to describe – three different meats (Two of them sausages) with crisp veggies, another sauce that I could not put my finger on with a dollop of Boursin cheese in the middle! We share a small complimentary dessert plate of Tres Leche cake, Creme Brulee and a Puff Pastry with Ice Cream inside and finished with a cup of coffee.
It was a delightful day, Babes wished me an adorable “Happy Day Mom” and to top it off Joel said I still look twenty five!
The Cuneo Museum
Wildflowers and Ang in the Rose Garden at the Botanical Gardens

Here is the tummy photo everyone is requesting – not that exciting!

Photos in the driveway as we kissed Aidan goodbye


  1. Farmgirl Cyn

    Happy belated birthday to you, sweetie, and uh…could we possible see you from the waist down??? Would love a photo of the expanding waistline!

  2. cityfarmer

    I couldn’t have blogged it better, my dear first born..I am so sorry about not getting a post up to honor your birthday…no excuses…you know the load!!!
    I adore you and still have a small symphony of treasures for you.

  3. Faith

    Yes,I am the loser that loves “my best friends wedding”. It’s OK. I don’t mind that you think it sucks 🙂 Glad you had a good B-day

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    I had to take and extra jab at it cause I thought I remembered you liking it 🙂

  5. vonlafin

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. The spilled milk is a hoot, enjoy them at this age, before you know it they are driving away, it happens so fast(my Son is 21 now).
    What part of Indiana is your farm, I have family spread all over Indiana?

  6. kate

    Happy belated birthday – and a wonderful post! I especially like the pic of your son with the milk flowing down the table. Oh and the Chicago Botanical gardens too … a lovely day from the looks of it topped off with a great dessert. Yum!

  7. HomemakerAng

    THANKS!~ looks like a great time! You are so glamourous as a preggie… Lookin’ good!

  8. HomemakerAng

    oh yes, the milk… my girl made breakfast in bed and brought it all the way up to momma, each piece of toast had 1 whole stick of butter melted on it… 2 pieces of toast = 2 sticks of butter, it looks so nice on my carpet runner going upstairs, my carpet and my sheets…

  9. Run Around Paris

    Happy birthday…and guess what? I hate that movie too…lol 😉

  10. Linda

    Those gardens were amazing. They always make me depressed, though, when I go home and see mine.

  11. hellomelissa

    sounds like a lovely birthday, except for the ricemilk, that is. 🙂

  12. Run Around Paris

    Happy Belated Birthday to you! The layout for your site looks great!


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