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Blogger Luncheon/Table Setting Tour Part I

Tied up Memories was hosting a Table Setting Tour and this is my effort to get in on it at the last minute.  
I hosted a Blogger Luncheon of sorts today.  My first luncheon in 5 years.  All three guests were fellow bloggers…Can you guess who they were?
I am throwing this post up to participate in the tour but I will post “Part II” of my luncheon including the mystery guests’ identities and three FABULOUS recipes!  
But first, a little about the table.  Were it that I had dishes and linens out the “Waa-Zoo” I would be a tablescaping maniac but alas, my frugalness as mentioned before has provided me with a VERY limited inventory for setting the table.  What I am saying is it’s basically a choice between my Target “ironstone” and this gorgeous Orange and Purple German Lusterware tea set.  I love this set but never use it and I thought today would be the perfect day…OK if you look closely you will see real orange Lusterware underneath – I do have enough for 8-10 settings in orange but come on, how often does a girl want to set the table in Orange?  Let’s just say, they come in handy at Thanksgiving.
The “runner” is one of two curtain panels that I ran out to the garage for – I temporarily rescued it off the Vend du Garange pile.  The Daphs are from Trader Joes and the Croqs and twigs are from the front yard.
I dream of dramatic tablescapes with layer upon layer of dishes.  But for now this will have to do…and stay tuned to see how it did!

14 thoughts on “Blogger Luncheon/Table Setting Tour Part I”

  1. You did a fantastic job “tablescaping”! I face a serious dilemma of passing up and missing out on gorgeous linens, china, stemware, etc. or purchasing and storing in the BASEMENT!

    While I am not fortunate enough to have my own personal showering device down there (ha ha)I do have lots of clutter, disorganization and an unpleasant mildew odor that keeps me from venturing down too often (and thus storing fine china!)

    Thank goodness I have a laundry/mudroom on the first floor! LOL

  2. Wow! Your table looks fantastic – I have never seen orange lusterware – how unique. What a delight it would be to sit and dine with you…3 lucky friends. I can’t wait to see more of the luncheon on future posts.

  3. Thanks for posting your table…it looks wonderful- especially the torte- blackberries? yum! I bet you served fresh cream? with it??

    All I know is that I wasn’t on the invite list ;(
    but I’m sure you had a good time anyhow (tee hee)

  4. Pretty, pretty! I think using what you have and being creative is more fun than buying out Pottery Barn anyway. Looking forward to your recipes!

  5. i know who 2 of them were but no idea about the 3rd. I will not guess since I know. I only wish the 3rd one was me! I am so sick right now though… i have never been this ill i don’t think! YUCK

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