Look at this little one. Look at this precious little child, the source of all our bliss.
I say bliss because it is bliss. Babies are babies, and they cry sometimes.
But we love them. And I love this one. This little one is mine.
Day Three:
Blissful sleep. I love it.
Yes, I know not all babies sleep as peacefully as this. I hope all you mamas out there are enjoying a few moments like this today.
 Day Four:
 Send the world away… I’ve got better things to do.
 On day, four Julien and I went for a walk in the garden. My bedroom desperately needed flowers and so we cut this lovely bouquet together. Just my boy and I. What a notion.

A vase full of flowers from our first adventure together. An adventure with my little boy.


She calls him “Cutes.” A natural big sister if I ever saw one.
He looks JUST like Aidan did! Look at that pouty little lip.
A sweet smile in sleep.
Day Five:
Oh!  That lip line! It makes me so happy.
Today at 12:15, it will be one week ago he came fully into our lives.
What did we ever do without him? He’s so much a part of our family, and I can’t imagine life without him now. He is as much a part of it as I am.
Remembering in love and happy to be enjoying every single moment. I love this sweet little boy. I love this little boy and little cowboy.
I can’t wait to see him grow up, see him grow and talk and explore the world.
Blessed am I. Blessed are we.