Black Coffee

Aug 14, 2010 | Simply Ang | 25 comments

“Black Coffee, blue morning, toast is burning and the rain keeps pouring…”

There is nothing like coffee.

It is a little pleasure that every morning brings.
Black preferably… sometimes, as a treat, with a splash of organic, warm milk…
I know some don’t care for it but at some point in life, for most of us coffee becomes an acquired taste.
Acidic, hot and most importantly… strong.

Years ago, we switched to a French Press. If you have never had French Pressed coffee you are missing out. It’s the way coffee is supposed to taste.

There are a few things that ruin a good cup of coffee for me…

-If it’s too cold
-If it’s too weak
-If it has a flavor – yes, sadly, I h-a-t-e flavored coffee. The smell grosses me out and when I am expecting (I am not) it makes me ill. Along the same line, I don’t care for Foldgers cause it has a “taste” and so does Panera’s coffee, though I drink it a couple times a month as there is a Panera in our back 40.

(Speaking of coffee flavors; many years back I decided to wean myself off of the syrup flavors when ordering coffee treats like lattés. My favorite was caramel, I liked Hazelnut too. Nowadays I love plain lattés. And though it’s cliché; Starbucks makes the best and there are few delights as delicious as a skinny, decaf latté from Starbucks… had to give up caffeine on account of the babes. I do however love an iced carmel Machiato once a year…skinny, decaf and easy ice and carmel!)

Ok, that was a whole bunch of info I hadn’t intended to share.

Something I am really particular about… and can you believe it?

But I’ve got to have a white cup/mug to really enjoy my coffee.

Seriously, I am not kidding.
I’ve just got have a white cup otherwise I can not get into it no matter how good the coffee tastes. It’s a family thing, I can remember as a child, my Grampa asking the waitress for a white mug if she brought him one of those ugly brown ones so popular in the 80’s…

You can go into any woman’s home in our family and you will be offered a white cup for your coffee… never a big colorful mug. Always simple and (primarily) white. There is just something about it. Now that Panera has switched to yellow, green and orange mugs… well, I bring my own!

It’s all about the moment.
(There is certain silverware I use that makes me happy, Silly is as silly does but I’ve even been known to bring my own glass to wine tastings)… a girl’s just got to be able to have her moment.
And a cup of coffee provides you get those moments where you get to sit for just a few before your day gets going…
and you can’t let anything ruin that.

What are your “moments” that you create for yourself?
Are you particular?
How do you take your coffee?

Joel calls me picky… I say I just know what I like!
Gotta run, Coffee is ready to press.
Bon Weekend Mes Amies!

P.S. Did you know that this old 1980’s song by Lacy J. Dalton is one of my FAVORITE to sing? I wish I had a recording to play for you – that would be a riot.
And you CAN NOT go wrong with a little Julie London!!!

To Answer a Question in the Comment box-
I love Café Verona by Starbucks and yes, we do grind our own beans.
For a more reasonably priced coffee we purchase Organic French Roast from Trader Joe’s.


  1. Tina

    Coffee has become a rare treat for me, and, like you, I usually would drink it black. Love Starbucks’ plain lattes – drank them for years. Coffee, though, especially the French Press variety has a high cholesterol impact on me. As well, the caffeine has caused some heart problems for me. So, so sad! Because coffee and I used to be best pals…I used to drink about 4 cups per day…maybe that is why I can’t drink it too much anymore…I overdid it!

    The best coffee, though, I had was in Vermont (a little taste b/c we were on a vacation:)…I think, truthfully, the reason it tasted so good was the water, of all things!!!

    My usual “hot beverage” is English Breakfast tea with a splash of almond milk. I love that! It is my morning pleasure and routine:) Enjoy your coffee!!! (Oh, I used to like flavored coffee and then thought it actually tasted funny…switched back to regular and added things on occasion, too. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are great in the fall!:)

  2. Stephanie

    So funny about the white cup. My husband says the same thing, he likes white cups only. He’s a coffee fanatic but I am not. I did enjoy a cafe creme in Paris and it was one of those perfect moments that I will never forget.

  3. cheryl

    Gotta get myself one of those French Presses…I’ve been meaning to, but haven’t yet. I have a variation of the white cup fetish…for me, a cup has to be white on the inside or I won’t use it.

  4. KarenSue

    As I sit here with my black coffee! When my eyes open in the morning I think that I can make my coffee now.
    I have not done the French press but I do need to try it. Why am I afraid?
    Starbucks……grande,nonfat,misto with 2 pumps white chocolate mocha please.
    Oh and I like a pretty vintage cup but it has to be large.
    Enjoy yours!

  5. Farmgirl Cyn

    Pete likes his S-T-R-O-N-G….I don’t. So…he makes his in the Bunn, I make mine in my French press! I have been trying to cut out sugar, except for the occasional treat, so mine, of late, has been laced with a bit of heavy cream. More than one cup, and I get a stomach ache. Any mug will do, but I’m partial to the little brown mug my mom stole from the mess hall in 1951 when she was in the army!

  6. Kalee

    I haven’t been able to drink much coffee lately (some places have it more acidic and it makes me nauseated). However I am completely with you on Panera coffee. I used to go there all the time to sit and read or work on something. But then we started going to an old diner that serves plain old fashioned Maxwell House and suddenly Panera’s coffee, even just the light roast tasted flavored and disgusting to me. Sad. Now I hit up Starbucks for some Pike Place roast.

    We drink coffee from a french press, coffee from a stovetop percolator, and espresso from a stovetop Bialetti pot. But I am not a fan of the electric coffee pot.

  7. Pam

    I had to stop drinking coffee for quite a while due to gallbladder issues. Once I had it removed a couple of months ago, I was sooo craving my steaming, black coffee! Incidentally, my favorite cup is also white. I’ve never tried a french press, although I really need to. I have a Capresso coffee maker with a built in grinder. I actually like flavored coffees, though. Do you prefer a specific brand of coffee and do you grind your own beans? Please share… :0)

  8. Mrs. B.

    Coffee is my “moment” too. I used to do the french press thing – but with kids I have found that it takes too long. I really like how my coffee maker brews coffee. 🙂
    I love your white mug particularity. So cute and charming…not high maintenance at all! 😉

  9. Anne Marie

    i’m not drinking coffee right now, but i do enjoy the french press instead of the drip – and my cup is particular: it’s a diner type mug that reads ‘i enter this day with a peaceful heart’…..i will not drink my coffee from any other 🙂

    i heard the best coffee comes from monks –
    hey: that’s not a bad idea for a magazine eh?

  10. Amy

    okay I can completely relate to the french press ! I always use mine and only pull out the machine if company is here and I can’t press fast enough…and yes to the starbucks they just have it down! agree totally on the white mugs too..most all of mine are white..there is something so clean about it? maybe it stays hotter longer ? can’t quite explain why but agree.

  11. myletterstoemily

    i like a person who knows what they like.
    i can take my coffee lots of ways, in a red
    cup or a white cup, in a blue cup, just
    fill me up!

    that’s my pitiful dr. seuss.

  12. Shawna

    Couldn’t agree with you more!
    Black Coffee – No flavorings except maybe some fresh ground cinnamon when it’s brewing.

    French press is fabulous…we use our fp when we’re in our motor home…we’re classy like that 😉

    White mug, yes, there is something to it, that’s for sure!

  13. Musings From A French Cottage

    Ooohhh coffee…how do I love thee…let me count the ways! Do you ever look forward to going to bed at night just so you can wake up and enjoy a good cup of coffee? I do. I love my morning indulgence and it’s a perfect time for me to spend some time with Jesus too. The house is quiet as I sit on the back patio and listen to the birds waking up.

    I have to say though, I do enjoy a cup of Gevalia Hazelnut Cream flavored coffee occasionaly – but ONLY in the afternoon. My mornings are reserved for hot, black coffee with only a touch of sugar.

    Have a great weekend,

  14. Pamela

    I MUST have my coffee in my white bone china mug from Royal Doulton. Nothing taste better than bone china it keeps the coffee hot. I detest ceramic made in China(country) mugs. And please don’t serve me tea in crappy made in China mugs!!!
    Here in Canada everyone is addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee.

  15. Brooke ~ SummerBrooke Gardens

    I’m not a coffee drinker at all, I love the way it smells, but can’t stand the taste. I can’t drink it black and really don’t care for it with milk and sugar either. I have however discovered that McDonald’s does a really good Mocha Frappe and Iced Mocha if I need a quick caffeine and sugar fix, I’m sure all of you coffee connoisseurs are rolling your eyes, but I like them! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! ~Brooke

  16. Brooke ~ SummerBrooke Gardens

    I’m not a coffee drinker at all, I love the way it smells, but can’t stand the taste. I can’t drink it black and really don’t care for it with milk and sugar either. I have however discovered that McDonald’s does a really good Mocha Frappe and Iced Mocha if I need a quick caffeine and sugar fix, I’m sure all of you coffee connoisseurs are rolling your eyes, but I like them! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! ~Brooke

  17. Joannah

    For a purist like yourself, my Keurig coffee maker is probably a big no-no. But it works for me. While it’s brewing, I microwave some milk and froth it up with my little frothing doodad.

    I used to like strong coffees, but they are just too hard on my digestive system. So, I’ve been drinking light roasts instead, and I do like a hazelnut coffee. Whenever I visit my BFF, she always uses the French press. When she does that, I have half coffee and half milk.

    Sadly, I’ve not been drinking coffee for the last several months since I am trying to get pregnant. Green tea and decaffeinated black teas have replaced my morning cupa.

  18. Lorilee

    First of all, I prefer any drink out of glass, not plastic or styrofoam! I have a coffee press, but I usually use the coffee maker(like the aroma) I prefer fresh ground beans, and I like flavored creamer but not flavored coffee! I also love Earl Grey tea!

  19. Girl Meets Paris

    I know this sounds insane… but we tried the french press in our apartment in Paris, and we had no idea how long… our apartment “guide” told us to press it through immediately… that Americans can’t drink it if you let it sit… “too strong” she said.

    Please explain… could you give us step by step instructions… like pronto… I leave in 39 days! We have been stuck using something called Carte Noire that we found in a tiny store in Paris. It’s okay, but seriously… instant?????? And no, I can’t wait to get to a cafe in the mornings, I must have my coffee before I leave.


  20. Tamra

    I too love Trader Joes coffee. Delicious and good price.

    And yes I too am a “plain white mug” kinda gal. I have the pottery barn bistro mugs but have been looking for one similar to the one you are using. I also prefer to have a saucer with my mug. I saw some for sale at Starbucks a few years back and loved them but they were just too pricey. Where did you get yours?

  21. Gwynie Pie

    Coffee is one of those things I am particular about as well. I like it strong and I can’t stand flavored coffee. However, I do occasionally use flavored creamer. My favorite is Creamy Coconut by Coffeemate. I much prefer a generous splash of half and half and a spoonful of sugar. Yum!

    Now, When I watch PBS Masterpiece Mystery, which I dvr each week, I fix a cup of Earl Grey tea with cream and sugar and I use my special cup – a black an white toile teacup. It’s a mood setting kind of thing.

    Gwyn Rosser @ The Pink Tractor

  22. Jenny

    Yep, you are picky, but then I know I am too (I am referring to coffee preferences, of course=). And as to your “silly” white mug, home ground, French Press choices, how’s this: I love a thick sided mug for steaming(yes creamy) coffee, and for hot tea (because in the South you have to denote its temp as “Tea” typically means cold and sweet) I only like using my dainty china cups. It sets me in a tea mood. Fun post.

  23. Ping

    I just wrote a long comment and my internet went off! Anyway, I’m also particular with coffee and what mug/cup I’m using and use my French press. It’s so way better! Cafe Verona is one of my favorites too. Although I’m drinking more tea now (from Assam and vanilla flavor from Twinings) as I still have to find that perfect roast coffee here in Thailand.

  24. Victoria

    Hmm.. I could go on and on about how much I love coffee… but I won’t. Dark is best, the stronger the better.

    But about particulars, I wanted to share this (since I think you would also be choosy about who plays Marilyn in any remakes):

    Ok… Christina Hendricks was passed up for Jolie?? When I think of AJ, the word “bony” comes to mind… and that’s all. [sigh] Forget the cowboys for a moment – where have all the curvy girls gone?

  25. kathi @ traybella

    i love all your posts, but especially this one. probably because i love coffee. it is my most favorite thing every morning and i am a crab until i get it. i whip up my own at home each morning…i’m a 4 shot(i know..seems like alot) vanilla latte…in a white mug. i totally understand the white mug thing…love it!!
    looking forward to my morning cup!


    p.s. love my press too…especially on the week ends when i can linger on the patio.


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