style="text-align: center;">So……………. like I said, the gal from the City was very nice and she proved it again yesterday.  She actually STOPPED BY to tell me the meeting had been cancelled.  She stood in my driveway and talked gardening and neighborhood upkeep for 20 minutes.  She also told me specifically who was for and against the ordinance change passing.
I expressed my concern over the “stand alone coop” thing and the run not being allowed to be on the side of the house… then I asked her to go ahead and take a look at my coop.  She said “stand alone” meant it can’t be attached to the house and that my coop in the garage was fine!  She also explained that what I thought was the “side of my house” really isn’t the side of my house since we are a corner lot!
Curiouser and curiouser.
No laws have changed but she saw my girls and didn’t inquire again if I could “loose” them for the time being…
I shall breathe a little easier this weekend.
Someday I will learn to not be such a spaz.
I just take things to heart so easily and they weigh on me…
Such profound faith I know.