Parisienne Farmgirl with Juliette Élisabeth

Elle est la.
She’s here.
This morning I drank my magic birth potion.
The Internet articles said it was horrible but I really did not see what the big deal was. I put on my Amazing Race attitude and I plugged my nose and pounded 8 ounces of orange juice, a shot of vodka and three tablespoons of castor oil. I figured that someday I could at least say to my sister and sister-in-law,
“Go ahead, try it honey, I did.”
I was willing to risk the rumored horrible side effects (the turbo-lax scene in Dumb and Dumber) to get this baby in my arms.
and then… nada. (and I don’t mean Farm.)
I talked to my midwife at noon and asked if I needed to drink the stuff again and she said it’s never happened. So, that made me feel good but I still felt nothing. No stomach gurgling, not even a “toot.” We thought four hours would be long enough to know if Joel should leave for work but you can’t say,
“Call in and tell them your wife drank castor oil.”
Joel had to leave for work, a Chicago route tonight. I did not expect him before Midnight.
Then I tucked Amélie in bed and gave her a few moments worth of MeeMee’s and instantly the contractions began!!! Like a freight train, three minutes apart. I did my best to get Girlfriend tucked in without alarming her. I so badly wanted her to take her nap. Then I took a deep breath, called Joel who had left for his downtown Chicago delivery schedule an hour before…”Come home.”
Thankfully he had not pulled out of “headquarters” yet or else he would have been on the Kennedy unable to turn around…
-Called this midwife and said “You’d better come now.”
-Called Momma, said, “I just gave Amélie her MeeMee’s, you better come now.”
My first contraction was at quarter after one,
“It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now…”
And by 3:17 Juliette Élisabeth was born. Into the hands of her Daddy.
We are elated.
There is so much more to say… the gentle tender reactions of the siblings…the wonder and AWESOMENESS of Homebirth… But I’ll save some for tomorrow and close by saying
Amelie and Juliette Élisabeth
The Parisienne Farmgirl and Amelie
black and white photo of The Parisienne Farmgirl, Amelie and Juliette Élisabeth

The Parisienne Farmgirl with son and new daughter
boy filming new baby with a video camera
chalkboard with homeschooling materials
flowers in a beer bottle vase
Parisienne Farmgirl drinking champagne with husband
Baby Juliette Élisabeth being held by big sister surrounded by relatives
baby Juliette Élisabeth surrounded by siblings and grandmother
baby Juliette Élisabeth held by mother
the Parisienne Farmgirl with son and newborn daughter
Parisienne Farmgirl with baby Juliette Élisabeth
black and white picture of the Parisienne Farmgirl
newborn baby girl sleeping on blankets