Je Vous Présente…
Julien James 
11 days, an early birth!
8 pounds, 2 ounces
20 inches
Full birth story to follow… 
but a few captions for now!
baby on mother immediately after birth
 Midwife Debbie’s headlamp shines on my sweet boy moments after delivery. What an amazing picture.
 IT’S OVER! It’s already over, 11 days early!
 He’s so beautiful! And so crinkly, I love it. I love him already.
 Proud, proud, ELATED big sister snuggles to congratulate Momma. Look at that face!
 I must say, I don’t really have many words to describe the wonder and excitement of Juliette – at only 20 months her face shone with the understanding of an old soul.

Already asleep, bless him.

Just watching him fuss around a little. We can’t take our eyes off him!

 Another eight pounder! Thank GOODNESS he was born early (my first really early delivery!) – who knows WHAT he would have weighed by the 15th!
 Joel. He is so amazing to me.
 Julien. So squishy.
 You couldn’t do this in a hospital bed… could you?
Left to right…
Joel, Juliette, Angela, Julien, Amélie & Aidan!

He’ll be great at sitting up, I know it.

 Amélie is a smitten kitten with this little baby…
Just enamored.
Aidan is so happy. SO HAPPY. He gave me the thumbs up on his new brother.
More to come… thank you for your prayers!