Introducing… The Birth of Julien James!

Sep 5, 2011 | Home Birth Stories | 71 comments

Je Vous Présente…
Julien James 
11 days, an early birth!
8 pounds, 2 ounces
20 inches
Full birth story to follow… 
but a few captions for now!
baby on mother immediately after birth
 Midwife Debbie’s headlamp shines on my sweet boy moments after delivery. What an amazing picture.
 IT’S OVER! It’s already over, 11 days early!
 He’s so beautiful! And so crinkly, I love it. I love him already.
 Proud, proud, ELATED big sister snuggles to congratulate Momma. Look at that face!
 I must say, I don’t really have many words to describe the wonder and excitement of Juliette – at only 20 months her face shone with the understanding of an old soul.

Already asleep, bless him.

Just watching him fuss around a little. We can’t take our eyes off him!

 Another eight pounder! Thank GOODNESS he was born early (my first really early delivery!) – who knows WHAT he would have weighed by the 15th!
 Joel. He is so amazing to me.
 Julien. So squishy.
 You couldn’t do this in a hospital bed… could you?
Left to right…
Joel, Juliette, Angela, Julien, Amélie & Aidan!

He’ll be great at sitting up, I know it.

 Amélie is a smitten kitten with this little baby…
Just enamored.
Aidan is so happy. SO HAPPY. He gave me the thumbs up on his new brother.
More to come… thank you for your prayers!


  1. Rachel

    Congratulations! The whole family is beautiful. I think it’s wonderful that you’re sharing such a special event with us. Can’t wait to see pics of Julien growing up along with the other “chicks”.

  2. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    CONGRATULATIONS to you and to the whole family. What an absolutely beautiful baby boy! He has, I am sure been welcomed by his overjoyed siblings, especially his big brother, Aidan. I can imagine how happy he is to have a little brother. You have a beautiful family, m’dear! Just beautiful, and look at YOU, just giving birth and looking all gorgeous and glowing! Can’t wait to hear more about this little guy’s entrance into the world in your sweet home and family.

  3. Oie

    Congratulations – you are truely blessed. A beautiful boy – now two of each!! Enjoy the wonder….. xo

  4. Rosemary@villabarnes

    Congrats! He’s a cutie, and so lucky to have such a loving family. Spoke to your dad at Kane. He was beaming.

  5. Stephanie

    Congratulations! He’s so adorable, a little prince. And the family portrait is fantastic. You must be beaming.

  6. claudia b

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love the name Julien and he is just so beautiful!!! Blessings to you and your family, welcome to the world, petit Julien!!!

  7. Connie

    I’ve never been here before, but dropped over from your mom’s blog, sugar. You can rant on conservatism anytime you want, honey!!!!! Love it. And congratulations on the new little munchkin. Darling….

  8. Victoria

    Congratulations Angela for a healthy and beautiful new baby boy perhaps Juliette has memories of heaven.
    Gorgeous family may God bless.

  9. A Vintage Green

    So happy for you and your wonderful family – a new member and so loved. Congratulations to you all on the birth of your new son and brother to your wonderful children. Their love shines.
    – Joy

  10. Priscilla

    Bless you all.

  11. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Congratulations Ang and family. I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering if you may have had your baby. He is absolutely beautiful as are your first photographs and you are absolutely right – you couldn’t take pics like that in a hospital bed. They limit the numbers of visitors for a start (something I chose to ignore!) and as much as I love my first pics of my newborns, for the ones that were not born at home I hate the clinical backdrops in my photos. How good was he to you arriving early?
    Look after yourself and just bask in the joy and wonderment of these first weeks – we can wait for updates.

  12. Miranda

    Congratulations! He is just beautiful, but so is your entire family. You look absolutely amazing!

    Your post-birth family photos are just incredible. I love your bed, it’s just amazing ♥

    I’m SO looking forward to hearing your whole birth story. There’s NOTHING like being at home. I’ve had my last 4 at home, with the most recent being just my husband and I attending. Incredible.

  13. weissbunt

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! God bless you and you family!

  14. Claudia Moser

    Congratulation for a wonderful boy, you have such a great family, great pictures! Thank you for sharing this!

  15. It's me

    Owwwwwwwwwwww …..tears in my eyes darling !!…congratulations !!!! all of you !!!….love your little boy…….enjoy enjoy have fun together… love from me…xxx…xxx…xxx…yes !!

  16. Kate

    Oh my! Congratulations Angela! Julien is absolute perfection! And I love how excited the whole family seems to be. Enjoy some rest!

  17. Tina

    Many congratulations! I’m so happy you have a beautiful, healthy boy! Aidan must be over the moon:) My eyes are tearing up…you have such a beautiful family:)

  18. Renata

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a wonderful blessing for your family little Julien is! Enjoy this precious newborn time!
    Looking forward to hearing your birth story!

  19. A Cottage Muse

    Congratulations on the newest, blessed addition to your beautifull family! You are just glowing!

  20. Tina Leigh

    Cant believe I am here to see yet another beautiful angel of yours being born! Thank you for sharing such intimate pictures! You are a REAL woman…wish I could meet you and that fine family in person!

  21. La Table De Nana

    Oh my gosh what a beautiful post.
    God Bless You all:) Beautiful beautiful beautiful boy..
    Il est beau comme un coeur et toi belle comme un coeur..Toute la famille en somme.

  22. à la parisienne

    Félicitations sur la naissance te ton beau fils Julien James!! I LOVE that name! Look at you with your two little A names and two little J names two for Joel and two for Angela! I never even realized your little name patterns!
    The closeup with Amélie near Julien, where her eyes appear to have tears, made mine well up with tears. I can’t imagine how special that moment is to have all of your children embracing their new brother. And look at you HOT MAMA in those last pictures all made up! It doesn’t take you long to bounce back from a delivery, does it?
    Enjoy every little baby sound that Julien makes…oh I miss those days.


  23. My Casa Bella

    Beautiful! Congratulations, you are a beautiful family and you look great, Angela! Enjoy your new baby boy ,Julien and get lots of R&R.

  24. Lisa

    He is beautiful and I LOVE the name.


  25. Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima

    Oh dear Angela!
    You are beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing these moving pics with us.
    Fra from Italy

  26. Valerie


    (I could say more, but I have tears in my eyes and can’t type.)


  27. SarahN

    Angela, Congratulations!! Julien is just gorgeous. Great name too! I’m so happy that Aidan has his brother. You have a perfectly balanced family :o) I’d love to see you guys. We are in town next weekend, may we stop by on Saturday? It would be between 12:00-1:00. No Nienhuis kiddos. Let me know or have Joel call me – I know it’s your week in bed :o) Congrats again!

  28. Hello, I'm Laura

    Yeah, he’s here! He’s here! Can you hear the whooping and hollering going on in Phoenix?

    Everyone looks beautiful.

    You are amazing!

    Two of each~ perfection!

    A truly lovely lad.

  29. Christi

    Congratulations!! He is beautiful!!

  30. Flat Creek Farm

    Congratulations! What a beautiful baby – and family! Bless you and yours. -T

  31. Carissa


    What a wonderful post to wake up to this morning!!!

    You all look glorious and happy!!!

    How exciting to have another boy, I’m so HAPPY for you!!!

    Rest and enjoy every minute of it!!

    You look radiant!
    Love Carissa

  32. Laura @ 52 FLEA

    You are so blessed! Congratulations on the birth of Julien…precious! Wishing you all much joy and happiness!

  33. Lylah Ledner

    oh ….so beautiful…..mazel tov to you and your family and this special gift who is will be like a warrior prince.

    xoxo lylah

  34. VarietGrrl

    Congratulations on adding one more beautiful child to your lovely family. God’s blessings to you!

  35. NB

    Félicitations! Wishing you and your gorgeous family all the health and happiness!

  36. Lynda

    Congratulations – everyone understandably looks so happy!!
    A new life is always such a time of celebration.

  37. Burlap Luxe



    Is sooooo!


    Really he is just such a perfect looking new born 🙂

    Blessings to you and your family.

  38. Pur et Simple

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful boy – what a beautiful family!! Enjoy these first weeks – they are so precious (well, it all is, but you know what I mean.)

  39. Pur et Simple

    Congratulations. What a beautiful boy! What a beautiful family! So glad he arrived safely. God is so good! Enjoy your many blessings.
    Carol – Pur et Simple

  40. Tamra

    Yes you are so right, you could not do that in a hospital bed! I too had my girls at home and it is so nice to see others educating themselves and taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity to have an amazing birth experience. Although I want to say that an important part of home birth is having a supportive, loving and hands on husband which obviously you do have.

    I used to feel so sad to hear my friends say things like, “Oh, I have to have my kids at the hospital, it’s the only way I get a vacation” or “Have my kids at home, are you kidding? I have enough work to do without getting up to make dinner right after I have a baby!” So sad.

    Having a baby at home is definitely a team effort and you clearly are a good team.

    Congratulations to you all.

    Oh and, bon jour petite Julian, beinvenue!

  41. Tamra

    Oh pardon me, it’s Julien not Julian.

    Bon jour Julien!

  42. Mari

    Ma Oui! God bless you, your family and your precious newest member. May he grow to know and love the Lord with all his heart. Prayers for you and Joel to have the wisdom and discernment to show him the way. Congrats! – Mari

  43. kerrie of sea cottage

    You are beautiful! Congratulations. He is beautiful. Your family is beautiful. You remind me of myself 16 yrs ago. I had the same as you…boy, girl, girl, boy.(Luke, Holly, Grace, Jeremiah). Four children under 5 yrs. old. Jeremiah was almost 3 wks late and so big, at 10 lbs 9 oz, that we made it into the local newspaper. Sweet blessings to all of you. ox

  44. Carolyne

    What precious memories!
    Blessings on your sweet family.

  45. Mandy

    well i was checking in tosee if you had done a preserving you herbs post. i suppose you were a tad busy;) blessings and congrats! you have a lovely family! enjoy that little man!

  46. vignette design

    I’ve been following your Mom’s blog forever. How did I miss your’s? Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! Julien is one lucky guy!
    I am a mother of four too–all delivered naturally with a mid-wife. My oldest daughter is a doula. Wish I could have, or would have had the courage to deliver at home like you did. Such a beautiful experience. My best to you and your family!

  47. joanne

    a beautiful little boy for you to love…..congratulations to you and your lovely family…

    welcome to the world julian james !

  48. Bohemian

    Congratulations and what great candid Family Photos of you all during this proud moment… no, you couldn’t do that in a hospital room, how special that he could be born in your beautiful Home surrounded by loving Family.

    Dawn… The Bohemian

  49. Deb from WhatsInMyAttic

    You totally ROCK, Angela! Believe me when I say I never looked that good after giving birth, and I don’t know many who do. Beautiful photos of all…they are treasures!

  50. tracybradford

    Felicitations! Son nom est parfait! Et vous, mais c’est pas possible que vous venez de se coucher. Vous etes radiant! May you have many long hours of rocking and holding your baby while time stands still. Blessings!

  51. STEFY

    beautiful…………kiss by stefy….

  52. ollie's mom

    Congratulations!!!! What a beautiful family!!!!! God Bless!!!! xoxoxo

  53. ollie's mom

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. ollie's mom

    What a wonderful surprise, this morning to see that baby Julien had arrived!!!!!! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!!!!!! God Bless!!!!! xoxo

  55. Boho Farm and Home

    Congatulations! Welcome to the world sweet Julien.

  56. Vickie Wiles

    Welcome, Master Julien James…you are blessed to have been born into such a loving and lovely family!

  57. Monica

    Cogratulazioni! famiglia strepitosa!!!

  58. sharon

    Congratulations, I can’t believe how wonderful you look straight after the birth !! What stunning family portraits yo must all be thrilled

  59. Unknown

    Oh my what a beautiful family!I am inspired by you daily, but truly in awe of your glow! I had always hoped for home birth in the comfort of my own bed and my loved ones close.Thank you for sharing such a amazing moment! Gaylin

  60. Pam

    Congratulations!!! Julian is gorgeous and you look absolutely radiant! I can’t wait to read all about it. :0)

  61. BonjourRomance

    COngratulations!Julien is beautiful. The photos of your family are so lovely – everyone’s sparkling eyes tell it all!
    COntinued blessings for your sweet family!

  62. cityfarmer

    Julien seems to fit so perfectly with the rythmn of the other names.

    what fun days of nesting to look forward to.

    Motherhood is truly your profession, honey.

    I adore you nand your family
    mama …

  63. Franka

    Overwhelming images of a happy family!!!

    ♥ Franka

  64. Texas Mom

    I came by to catch up reading your blog, and found your wonderful news! Congratulations!!

  65. lynda E

    You make me sick and I say that with much admiration. I don’t know how much time has passed between the birth and the photo sesh but you look great!. I have recently discovered your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying it. You are very inspiring and I will definitely be looking to you for advice on gardening,housekeeping,and cooking. I will definitely not be engaging in any home births (factory closed) but will enjoy you blog nonetheless.

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      So funny — at first my heart sank when I read the first line of your comment. (I don’t post everything that goes on in the comment box you know — people forget that bloggers have feelings :). BUT – thank you. I had the baby I think 16 months ago… I can’t keep track. I gain 40-50 pounds (50 this last time) every time and this time took me the longest… ONE YEAR to the DAY to lose it. So, thanks for your kind words! Really.:)


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