Birds of a Feather…

Aug 8, 2006 | On Motherhood | 1 comment

Hier soir (last night) we had the lovely priviledge of having two friends (that we don’t know very well even though we have been aquaintences for 6 years now) over for dinner. Sometimes it amazes me how many people I know that “I would like to get to know better.” Well, “The time has come, the Walrus said. To talk of many things…”

These friends I am sure have been leaning on all 7,000 promises that Savvy City wrote about for, I would guess, the last 4-5 very long years and are now expecting the fullfillment of many of those promises six weeks from now in the form of a beautiful bundle of joy. I am ridiculously excited for them.

This couple and Joel and I seem to be very close to kindred spirits when it comes to parenting and I suppose I won’t find that again until Nic’s-life-alone is no longer Nics life alone. So for now we were thrilled to share our “wisdom” with this couple who is so eager to hear our stories of our “alternative” methods of birthing and parenting. How refreshing to entertain someone who does not think we are completely off our front porch rockers and laying over in the lawn for the decisions we have made with the babes… Homebirth, doulas, (no) vacinations, breastfeeding, no baby food, no Baby Einstein, Private school VS Homeschool…you get the picture…I am sure you picture you are envisioning is four hippies sitting around a dining room table eating raw tofu and drinking wheatgrass.

Not quite, we are not THAT weird.

God bless you B and B. Can’t wait to meet that baby!

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  1. Amanda

    Okay, so if we get together over Labor Day weekend, we can talk parenting and love together, but we won’t agree on everything! It’s okay though, we don’t have to! We’ll still enjoy each others company! We are going to plan on coming out when you’re here. Can’t wait!


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