If I haven’t said it before…
I love my husband.
Don’t be fooled – we bloggers can paint our lives with a lovely brush.
There is not once ounce of perfection in anyone residing in this house but darned if I don’t have a good man.
Cracked fingers, aching muscles from years of blue collar work, he keeps up with me and my fancy’s and our now, three children
…even keeled.
Even when he gets a little quite or doses off long before I’ve rattled off my next idea in the darkness…
he is still there.
And I am all the more in love with him for being “there” once again to deliver his little girl (this time by choice:). I imagine lots of guys might even pass out at the thought but those strong worn hands were ready once again and I am so grateful that my girls, Amélie and Juliette have him to be their provider, protector and their first true love.
Thanks for another wonderful birthing experience babe.