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Jan 23, 2010 | On Motherhood | 15 comments

If I haven’t said it before…
I love my husband.
Don’t be fooled – we bloggers can paint our lives with a lovely brush.
There is not once ounce of perfection in anyone residing in this house but darned if I don’t have a good man.
Cracked fingers, aching muscles from years of blue collar work, he keeps up with me and my fancy’s and our now, three children
…even keeled.
Even when he gets a little quite or doses off long before I’ve rattled off my next idea in the darkness…
he is still there.
And I am all the more in love with him for being “there” once again to deliver his little girl (this time by choice:). I imagine lots of guys might even pass out at the thought but those strong worn hands were ready once again and I am so grateful that my girls, Amélie and Juliette have him to be their provider, protector and their first true love.
Thanks for another wonderful birthing experience babe.


  1. Jenny

    That is such a delight to hear of Godly families with the head of the household being the protector/provider. I was raised by mom (primarily) and a gaggle of wonderful WOMEN. How I longed to know of a care taking MAN, but I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that is what I longed for. Now as a woman of the Lord, married, oh so thankfully, to a man who puts the Lord first and dotes on all his girls (me and our three girls)I know the JOY and peace He gives in such a blessed arrangement. Your Joel is much blessed by your loving words as you are blessed by how he leads.

  2. Freygirl

    I love Joel…..I love you and I am thankful your girls have a daddy who loves them. Your a wonderful mother, sister and friend. That was a great blog!!! =)

  3. Bonjour Madame

    A good husband is a wonderful thing. It sounds like you’ve got a great one!

  4. Faith

    You definitely were blessed with a wonderful man. He is the standard by which I judge a man. He’s amazing!!!

  5. June

    Such a beautiful tribute to an obviously great man. I know you count yourself blessed and you are. So blessed.

  6. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    WOW…so SWEET. And there is nothing like the hands of a working man…protecting, providing, and loving. That picture of Joel and Juliette is precious and how wonderful that your kids will know daddy was right there, the one to touch them FIRST.

  7. Ticking and Toile

    OK…you made me cry! What a sweet tribute to your sweet husband. Love it! I am always so moved to hear of such dear emotions. You do have a wonderful good man & it’s wonderful how you cherish each other.

    Congrats on the new baby! I’ve been keeping up on your mom’s blog! She’s one happy Grandma!!


  8. Tina Leigh

    Yep Yep….nothing like a good man! I am blessed to have one too! What a wonderful thing to have your husband there to birth your children…you gotta tell us more!

  9. cityfarmer

    One might say he was hand-picked!

    Nothing but the best for the little girls and you …

  10. Marie-Ange

    De tout mon coeur, BIENVENUE à ton merveilleux bébé !
    Je lui souhaite tout le bonheur du monde.
    Mille bisous.

  11. Molly @ Star Cottage

    COngratulations on the birth of your little Juliet 😉
    It is so nice to hear a woman praising her husband rathen than tearing him dow, like so many of the women do today. So glad you have such a wonderful man.
    We are planning a homebirth for our baby due in July and My Darling Hubby plans to help with the Delivery. We’ll see how it goes, this will be a new experience for all of us. And I couldn’t be more happy.

  12. Mrs. B.

    Such a sweet post. To have a wonderful husband is a treasure. 🙂
    I’m making your cinnamon swirl bread today…which will also be a treasure, I think.

  13. Laura

    Congratulations on your new daughter! What a wonderful family, I love your photos.
    A great weekend to you all.

  14. Anne Marie

    how did I miss this one?? good heavens….what a cutie!! and that one of you? I LOVE IT!!


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